Congrats to Foz

Nogi industries

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Jan 30, 2005
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I know it's already been posted in the other thread but, I felt you were deserving of it in the title.
thanks guys :) I'm just happy if I can help this forum progress, I'm always here to provide reviews, advise, and now, I can keep an eye on things on different levels.

I aim to please. but ofcourse, now everyone must address me as "Sir Foz" or "The Great Wizard of Foz" :D or not. whatever.

Foz Fire yourself and make me a super mod!
This is an outrage!! I object!! Foz is after my crown!! This is War I tell you, oh yes, battle if a-foot...the streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers!
*hands Foz his Nazi Mod membership card and pentacle talisman to worship the Devil*

One of us, one of us...
Oh yeah, I forgot my Devil Worship tag.
The Rock means Rockville, nub! Don't make me ban you already :p
*points at signature*

~Sir Foz


ps: what kinda fake name for a town "rockville" sounds like something outta megaman! :p
Rockville used to be home to a great guitar shop in the 80s. I once saw Steve Stevens from Billy Idol in there with a white leather coat, white leather pants, white high heel boots looking around. He told me not to buy the Randy Rhoads model guitar and to get the SS Hammer guitar instead.
well, this is why I live with kangaroos and crocodiles and no nothing about rockstars.


ty matpimp, ps: hope to be placing an order for a shirt or 2 soon, let me know about those shipping times bro...


but all this nuthuggery wont save you from the wrath of foz!


just kidding *snickers*