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Compression Shorts Review & Cryogel


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Oct 20, 2005
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So its about time I actually review some items on here.

Shockdoctor Compression Shorts (Thanks Ron! SSF Gear)

As soon as they came through the post(thanks Ron!) I wipped them out of the package and put them on, first impressions on them are that they are just like regular boxers and they felt snug(I think the material is the same as a rash gaurd Lycra I think??) . The acual protecitve cup is a plastic/Rubber mold with a carbon fiber plate in the centre which made me instinctivley put it around my face as say "Luke I Am Your Farther!" after i calmed down i placed it back in their place I went to work happy as a little school girl.
Later that night I had Vale Tudo and tried it out, I may of made a mistake on ordering the wrong size as it is a bit loose around the legs although it is still tight and when sparring I got hit with a couple of knee's from clinch postition and I could feel it was there and it absorbed the shock.I feel when grappling is where these bad boys really excel as when your moving and changing postitions, some cups irritate you as you can get into some positions and they dont fit right, this on the other hand moves with your body more and is great my best buy yet. So guys come on and buy these bad boys! (your girlfriends will never again have to see your blue ball syndrome again!)

I may order a smaller size just fro more comfort but these are a great .

I bought the purple one but Ron said they were out of stock and sent me the green one not a big thing althoguh when I got a couple of free sachets thrown in with a previous order I loved that smell the best. I think it is a much nicer smell than tiger balm as I have grown up with that smell for 18 years and I am starting to hate it similaer to those folks that use deep heat (you know who you are!) this stuff works great and you can feel it working straight away.I dont think it works as good as the strongest tiger balm but it deffently works people and plus its a nice smell to it so your training partners can smell you when your in the clinch lol without burning their eyes from it.

Hope this inspires people to go with these shorts and cryogel Ron helped me alot as I returned a pair of shorts as they were to big for me and I live in the U.K so for him to do that shows he takes care of his customers from wherever!


Here are some pictures sorry about the quality of them as they were taken from a crappy webcam nicked off my brother

Very nice. I am seriously considering getting some compression shorts, as my cup is getting a little worn out and has moved on me a few times pretty painfully during grappling.

You mentioned some problems with sizing. Any advice for those of us thinking about getting the compression shorts?
I have to agree about the Cryogel. I was able to get some from Joe at CSI. I like that stuff a lot!
It's very effective, but doesn't have that strong medecine smell.
Plus I'm a massage therapist, and my clients seem to like it a lot, and they don't leave the place smelling like Ben-Gay or Icey Hot.
Great stuff.
I like the green stuff, but other people like the purple. (I can't remember the names of the scents)
scorcho the only sizing is that I had to return my XF gear fight shorts because they were tight on my legs I think i ordered a large so I went for a large on the compression shorts. I wear size 36 Sprawl shorts and they run about the smae size down to the leg so if you have splits they will show up that you have them on.

so if you have big thighs like bob sapp go for a large. if you have skinny tito legs go for medium lol hope that helps a bit

I really appreciate the kind words on the product. Don't be afraid to use the product more, you can literally use the roll-on's 3 times a day and it would still last almost 2 months. Using the product more gives the anti-inflammatoies a chance to work. ALOT of the time other companies throw more Menthol in their products to mask the pain with more of a cooling affect. My company does the opposite, We have 4% menthol in the product but we add MORE anti-inflammatories to actually help heal the affected area. I am very glad you guys love the product and if there is ANYTHING I could do for you guys or if you have question or comments please contact me personally.

Best Holiday Wishes,
Michael Crawford
National Sales Manager
Vitaminerals Inc. / www.cryogel.tv
Cool owai, I'm thinking about gettin some of those Compression Short, I'm hearing nothing but great things. And I'm glad others are starting to like the Cryogel, I love the stuff! Good to see you on the boards again Mike.
i think i will have to try out the cryo gel.
purple sounds good
guardpasser said:
i think i will have to try out the cryo gel.
purple sounds good

that is my favorite, and the green.
The Green Island Rain is the best!