Compressing a PL split into 2 days


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Oct 26, 2005
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Little bit of background:

I used to be a big, weak fatso. I was tipping the scales around 190ish at about 15 years old. I started boxing Christmas of last year and dropped down to roughly 150 without loosing too much strength and actually gaining some. 150 isn't too cool a weight to be sitting at for me though, because I'm 6'1. Not only that, I'm really not happy with my strength levels, and am struggling for a way to improve them. I'm a 17 year old amateur boxer who's been following a powerlifter's 3-day pull-push-squat split for awhile now. I've stepped up my face-stuffing to sherdog-appropriate levels. Unfortunately, I'm still a little bitch when it comes to moving big iron, but atleast I'm a bitch thats improving and gaining some weight now.

My lifting goals are basically just to improve my limit strength for now because I'm relatively new to lifting smart. I know I can achieve these goals following the 3 day split, but because of time constraints I'm having trouble devoting 3 days to lifting, and it'd be alot better for me if I could cram it into 2 days. I can pull off 3 if it's necessary, but I never feel like I can put in enough while sparring after a tough day of squatting, benching, etc.

Thanks to the search function, Carnal's treatise and the stickies, my routine looks like this:


db snatch/deadlift 5X5
still legged deadlift 4X8
pull-ups/bent-over rows 4X8
barbell shrugs 4X8


DB Bench 5X5
overhead press 4X6
close-grip bench 4X8
dips 3X5


back squat 5X5
box squat 4X6
good mornings 3X8
step-ups 3X8

Supplemented with weighted/intense BW core work in the form of dragon flags, planks, hanging leg raises, ab wheel, weighted sit-ups, saxon side bends, etc.

First of all, any advice on that 3 day split would be appreciate to double check that I'm doing alright, but more importantly I'd like to know some of your suggestions on how to cram this into a 2-day routine effectively... I've read about full body work, using opposite movements, etc and was a bit overwhelmed, so I'm turning here for some advice. Just as a sidenote, while I mentioned I'd like to improve my limit strength, I'm looking for the most carry-over into my boxing in the long run, though I think I'm using quality exercises, if there's anything you guys would suggest I'd be grateful.

Any other info you need I'll be happy to provide. Thanks for the help, sherdoggers
Do something like this:

Day 1

Front squats
Bench press
Calf raises

Day 2

Stiff-legged dl or good morning
Bent row
Standing press of some kind
Bicep or hammer curl

Just a suggestion but a good place to start. You will have to access your weaknesses and goals to determine if you need to replace some of the exercises with ones that better target your needs.
military press

Thanks alot.

So the way BabyPhenom has set it up it's pretty much combined benching and squatting then seperated the pull day. If it's that simple, I feel like a jackass, hah. thanks again.
its not that. Sometimes, people tend to complicate things more instead of simplifying them. its a general rule for training, and a general rule for life.

Brandon MacRea said:
Thanks alot.

So the way BabyPhenom has set it up it's pretty much combined benching and squatting then seperated the pull day. If it's that simple, I feel like a jackass, hah. thanks again.
FCFighter316 said:
hehe i like how everyone gives their opinion of what they think would be good. Heres Mine

Day 1:
DB Curls 4x10
Incline Cable Flyes 3x12
Tricep Kickbacks 4x24

Day 2:
Alternating Side Raises 5x7
Decline Cable Curls Using the Patented ACIT Methodtm 3x100 *until failure
Band Snatches 4x82

haha but Seriously

Day 1:
Front Squat
Military Press

Day 2:
Bent Over BB Row/ Weighted Pullups

aah yes carnal has taught me well : P
I gotta gree with this routine (the second one of course), if you have to use two days a week then this is what I'd go for. I would try to make three a week if you possibly can. I found training twice a week meant I was trying to do too much at once.
Day 1
Front squats
Military press
Ab work

Day 2
Bench press
Ab work

I've done that in the past but seeing it written down actually, there's a gaping hole where my upper backwork should be. Hmm