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Complete Dana White UFC 155 pre-fight media scrum video (40 minutes)

Interesting that he hasn't even spoken to Bonnar after he tested positive. I thought everyone saw it coming anyway
Thanks for the vid. Dana's so against flamboyant ring entrances, but how does he feel about cornermen profanity and Nate Diaz and Gray Maynard middle fingers during televised bouts? FOX cutting away to a darkened shot of any empty arena and blanking out audio in spurts was pretty screwy.
what time? I didn't hear anything like that.

Also it's funny he's never seen a bellator before. I believe him. If you watch these you'll see he doesn't watch anything outside of the UFC and doesn't know much about his UFC guys as far as stories on the mma media websites. It would be fun to watch his first Bellator with him to see what he thinks.

36 mins