Complete Dana White UFC 155 pre-fight media scrum video (40 minutes)

thanks. I was waiting for this one.
Love these, thanks TS
No worries Dana, Fox doesn't want elaborate walk outs either. They look cheap.


UFC rock em' sock em' robots, fuck yeah!

Fighters should do their talking in the ring, and promoters should do their talking with the quality of their match ups.
WOW, finally Dana is honest about PEDS, i cheer you, sir
Dana's drug testing response is classic

"we cant test everyone because they're all stoners!"
The whole steroid segment is just retarded.

That reporter who has a boner for steroids is a dummy.

Get with it dude, that fans want more steroids and less testing and they have voted unanimously with their wallets time and time again.

Humans are not going to devolve into LESS performance enhancement. I guaran-fucking-tee you that.
Sounds like Eddie Alvarez is gonna have a contract dispute with Bellator by the way Dana said, "Its gonna get ugly"
Jeez, his stance on walkouts is a little dramatic.
That one guy said Ryan Braun about 25 times, sucks when you only have one supporting piece of information for you argument. I'd love to see Nick Newell given a shot at the TUF house.
Did I hear it wrong, or did Dana say that Anderson is injured?
Did I hear it wrong, or did Dana say that Anderson is injured?

what time? I didn't hear anything like that.

Also it's funny he's never seen a bellator before. I believe him. If you watch these you'll see he doesn't watch anything outside of the UFC and doesn't know much about his UFC guys as far as stories on the mma media websites. It would be fun to watch his first Bellator with him to see what he thinks.
I love these. People can say what they want about Dana, but some people are just a great interview, and he's one of 'em.