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Coming back after injury/illness


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Aug 30, 2003
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I had a coup le of amature MMA fights and was working towards my first pro fight when I wasstruck down with illness and I have been out for 7 months with virtually no exercise in that time other than walking to work etc. I have now been cleared by a Doc to get back into training, whats the best way to do it???

Do I go back to the gymnad spend a good 3 months doing str training to get my str back and start doing a bit of running so my fitness is up and then head back to my MMA class and use it to maintain what I have built at the gym or should i just head back to class and start training (obviously slowly at first) and just building my str and fitness back while training.

I can't afford to pay gym membership and class fees at the same time so I will have to do one then the other, just curious if anyone has some good advice for getting back into it after a long term lay off.

thanks for your help!
welcome back! Downtime can really mess with your head.

I had a 2 mo+ layoff last winter due to a nasty bout with pneumonia. FWIW, I opted for str & conditioning work in the gym. I felt like that's what I needed most...just basic, controlled movements to shore up my strength and cardio. It was a little humbling to see how much I lost & personally I needed the solo time & basic exercises to heal up and get my confidence back.

one option would be taking 6+ weeks to do roadwork, intervals, and bodyweight training and then go back to MMA. Work flexibility, conditioning, & muscle endurance so you can enjoy the drilling and sparring. Just make sure you're not paying to sit on the mats and watch.
dude what did u have that took u out for 7 months?