Collar Chokes In Nogi

Jimmy Cerra

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Oct 17, 2005
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Merry Christmas everyone! I have a strange question. In those nogi competitions where you are allowed to grab the clothing, has anyone won by collar choke? Or another submission involving a tee shirt? I hear that is one of the reasons enumerated by people who don't wear a shirt for those competitions, but I wanted to know if anyone were actually caught by it.
Tyhere are no collar chokes. However, there are ways you can apply a bat choke in no gi
What's a bat choke ?
sha said:
What's a bat choke ?

I know that Chris Haueter has an instructional DVD on t-shirt chokes. But, I've never actually seen the video.
I was in a no gi tournament once at Jorge Gurgel's school in Cinci with a buddy of mine who wrestled for OSU. He knew absolutely nothing about subs and he came into it wearing a singlet. He fought some guy from a judo background and ended up having the singlet wrapped around his neck and choked.

Other than that, all cross collar chokes can be done with a t-shirt. Say for instance if you have someone in your guard, if you reach over their back and pull their t-shirt up real high on their traps/neck and bunch it up, you can sink in a cross collar that way.
From my experience T shirts tend to rip when people try and escape wildly.

Sweatwhits, hoodies, Collared shirts work great.

To use a t-shirt you need to grab the bottom and wrap kinda like a brabo choke with the gi.

There are a TON of great chokes using street clothes, Chris H knows his stuff and has a great DVD