Coach's log (Strength training)


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Oct 2, 2005
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Goals: I will update my goals as soon as I get some accurate numbers (within the week), but currently they are to get stronger and maintain weight by losing fat as I gain muscle.
*Goals BP is 330 target 400 by March.
*Squat 500 target 550 by March
*DL 430 target 550 by March
Diet: Nothing extreme here just avoiding the crappy food.

Supplements: Creatine, protein, and a multi-vitamin

Projected Program: I am currently using the C.W. 10 x 3 and like it, so I will stick with that for a while. I am looking at adding in some DE days though.

Cardio: I grapple an hour every day, also I will be running (as little as possible) because I have to keep my 2 mile time good.

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 216lbs 11/04/05
BP 265 (10 x 3) BBrows 225 (10 x 3)
I am going to try to up it next time. No problems completing the work out.
Also rolled for about an hour today. I will get some squat numbers tomorrow.
I maxed Squat and DL today and I have a confession. My grip SUCKS. I only pulled 430, it felt pretty easy for a pull but my grip could barely hold it. Grip hasn't affected me in other lifts or BJJ, but it his hindering my DL something fierce. Time to read CARNAL's thread "you have pussy hands". I will DL 550 by March.
Today was pushpress and weighted pullups.
Pushpress was 5 x 3 @ 185 and 5 x 3 @ 205
Pullups 10 x 3 @ 30
Only did GMs today 10 x 3 @ 335
I do some warm up before rounded GMs, to ensure my back is ready for the weight.
Trunk twists and a couple of lighter sets of GMs.
bp and bb rows today. I had a couple of nonscheduled days off do to work conflict, but I felt really good today.
bp 3 x 10 @275
bb rows 3 x 10 @245
I can up my rows I think, but bench was difficult.
Yesterday was squat. 10 x 3 @ 425. I love the feeling after leg day, you know the my legs feel 3x as heavy as normal and they don't work right. Maybe I should up the weight.
dips 5 x 5 @90 1 x 3 @135
chins 10 x 3 @30
today I strained my groin doing d-lift. I guess I should start warming up.