C'mon Eddy! Let's Get Serious! (BJJ/MT/Weights)


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Apr 24, 2005
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Well, I've been getting really organized with my training/diet etc... lately so I've decided to start my log. I'm really going to try and keep up with this thing and hope to get some info.

173 lbs

Lost about 35lbs in the past year from boxing 5 times a week, but not touching a single weight. I've become quite scrawney and lost a considerable amount of strength. My short term goal is to gain 12lbs of good weight, and get a big 3 lift sum of around 800+ while staying active in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. I'm currently struggling to successfully manage 3 days MT, 2 days BJJ and 3 days of weights.

My current 1 rep max are (estimated)

Bench: 215
Squat: 235
Deadlift: 275 (did 5 reps at 295 on the night I wrote this so max is obviously higher than 275)

My short term goals are

Bench: 250
Squat: 275
Deadlift 360

I hope to achieve these lifts Early September.

My current schedule is as follows:

1 hr Muay Thai

1.5 hr BJJ
Deadlift 5x5
Hyperextensions 4x6-8
Barbell Rows 4x6
Face Pulls 3x10-12

Wednesday: OFF

1.5hr BJJ
Bench Press 5x5
Skull Crushers 4x 6-8
DB overhead presses (seated, no back support) 3x10-12
Incline DB press 3x6-8

Friday: 1 hr Muay Thai Sparring

1 Hr Muay Thai
Squats 5x5
Lunges 3x8-12
Isometric wall squat 45 seconds

Sunday: OFF

My main concern is making sure the weight training does not leave me too fatigued to perform on my MT and BJJ days.

Diet on next post.
My diet is pretty much the same thing everyday, with variatons of dinner every 3rd day.

6 Egg Whites
12 oz Water
1 cup Coffee w/milk


Pre Workout (3:30pm)
Protein Shake (with VERY GREEN supplement)
Almond Butter Bread

Post workout
Protein Bar (sometimes I skip the protein bar)

Brown Rice
Ice Cream Sandwich (low fat)

Pre Sleep
Protein Shake

Calories: 2812
Protein: 215.3
Carbs: 299.52
Fat: 60g
Fiber: 47
Sodium: 2.5g
Sugars: 114 (I think this may be high)

Protein: 33%
Fat: 21%
Carbs: 46%
Did a regular Muay Thai class today in place of BJJ. Class was average pace. I didn't lose gas, but my lower body felt fatigued so I was lacking power on my kicks, and my footwork was a little sloppy.

Calisthenics were 5 sets of 15 body weight squats, 15 pushups, 20 situps. Felt pretty good afterward.

Deadlift: I actually started with two sets of rack pulls about 2 inches below the knee, but I was strangely feeling really good after the Muay Thai workout, so I decided to go "heavy" on deads today.


Felt pretty good, first time in about a month I felt some of my old strength coming back. I'm hoping to hit around a 325 5 rep max in the next two months or so.

Wide grip chins
Bodyweight x 8

Really started to fatigue here, class plus the deads must have caught up to me. Felt the reps a lot in my shoulders rather than my back

Bodyweight x 6
bodyweight x 6
bodyweight x 5

Face pulls: Weights are not listed on the cables
4x 8-12

Overall pretty satisfied with the workout today. Felt a nice surge of power with the deads so that's a battle won in my book. I hope to be able to mainatin more intensity throughout my weight training though in the future.
how long you been training bjj?

Not very long. I did it for about a month or two back in September, but chose to focus exclusively on striking for a few months. I've been really eager the last 2 months to get back into it. Our class is canceled on Thursday, so I've got to wait until next Tuesday to get back in it. I'm going to start shifting gears to make that the focal point of my training.

I've been strongly considering switching gyms to Ralph Gracies gym, run by Kurt Osiander here in San Francisco. I'm not sure if I'm willing to completely drop Muay Thai in favor of BJJ though when I can do both now.
Muay Thai last night. Mantained a solid pace throughout four rounds. Power felt OK.

I worked the bags a little bit afterward and really started to feel the soreness and muscle fatigue from deadlifts the previous night. Lower body felt fine though, which is a good sign.

Tonight is Muay Thai and heavy push work. Will be interesting to see how well my body holds up after 3 consecutive days of work.
Muay Thai was good last night. I felt a little fatigue from deadlifting on tuesday, but once I got some blood flowing through me I felt alright. My kicks felt pretty strong and my awareness was average.

Barbell Bench Press
195x4 (could have gotten 5, no spotter)
195x5 (with a spotter, hit the fifth rep with a little left in the tank)
195x4 (no spotter didn't want to risk a 5th rep)

Tate Press
35x 10
40x6 (For some reason this set was very difficult, not sure why exactly)

*I haven't done this exercise in a long time, and my strengh levels felt like they were fluctuating quite a bit from set to set. I will try them again next week and hope for more consistency.

DB overhead press (seated, not back support)

*I'd like to increase the reps up to 10 possibly next week, weak posture may prevent this but we'll see.

I really started to fatigue at this point, opted to do some body weight dips to close the day

BW dips

Normally I can pound these out with no problem, but 3 straight days of Muay Thai, and 2 lifting sessions during the same time period left me pretty burnt out. Decided to call it a night and take today off. Muay Thai and Lower body work on Saturday.
Muay Thai:

A lot of clinch work this morning. My neck is really fatigued but I had good energy going into my lower body workout



Felt pretty weak today, couldn't hit 5 reps with 225 so I decided to do triples. Form was questioinable too. Might have to drop the weight a little in the future.

DB Lunges:

Really just didn't feel any strength today, kind of made my way through the lifts as best I could.

Isometric wall squat:
30 sec
40 sec
30 sec

Just burnt and couldn't really focus. I probalby shouldn't have eaten a whole pizza last night because I really didn't feel like I had a lot to give with the weights today. Live to fight another day.
First day of BJJ tonight and my neck is still incredibly sore from clinch work on Saturday.

Did a 4 round Muay Thai Class last night and my gas tank felt perfectly fine. I think I'm about ready to start sparring regularly in Muay Thai.

I also have to do my Pull/Posterior Chain weight training tonight. I've done deadlfits the past 3 workouts for this, so I'm looking for something new. I'm thinking of maybe:

Good Mornings
Wide Grip Chins
Pull Throughs

Would it be wise to take a 5x5 approach with good mornings? Any other Deadlift supplemental lift would be appreciated.
Last Night:

1.5 Hours of BJJ. Spent the first hour working single leg takedowns and sprawling into a D'arce choke. My body is not used to this work and started to fatigue toward the end of the class session, and I paid the price for it during the rolling sessions immediately after.

Rolled for about 20 min and got handled for 20 min, but it was good for me. I was physically exhausted and my neck was killing me from the Muay Thai clinch work on Saturday. Hit the weights anyway

Good Mornings:
This lift is really awkward for me and I don't know if I do it correctly or not.


Felt OK in terms of strength, but it was really hurting my neck. Foolish of me to do this exercise with the neck pain I'm experiencing.

Wide Grip Chins
Body Weight Reps

This is a weakness I'm finding hard to improve on. Granted, I'm pretty fatigued by the time I get to this, but I think I should be able to do more than 24 chin ups. I'll have to look for other routes for improvement if I do not see gains in the next month.

Pull throughs:
Can't see weight on the machine, used the 5th plate.

Felt a good burn in the glutes from these and I'm sore today. These are one of my favorite PC assistance moves.

Pretty successful day for me, I'd definitly like to see increased reps on the wide grip chins, but I am happy overall with today's work.
Muay Thai:
4 rounds of a combo including about 8 kicks. I'm guessing I got about 200 kicks in during the workout. My cardio is actually feeling great and my muscle endurance has improved over the past two weeks.

After the pad work, we did a circuit cardio workout for 15 min. 5 sets of:

Upright Rows/20 punches with dumbells in hand/ 10 med ball presses/10 jumps over a box/ 15 pushups/15 situps/ 10 kicks each leg on the heavy bag/ 20 knees.

By this time I was pretty fatigued, but I had a spotter for bench so I took full advantage.

Barbell Bench Press:
205x4 (4th rep was a forced rep)

I felt pretty fatigued going into the pressing. 185 felt a lot heavier to me than usual, but I still managed to increse the weight this week on my set of 205 where I hit all 5 reps with good form. That set basically sapped all of my energy and I failed on the 4th rep of the final set.

I plan on switching to close grip barbell bench for the next few weeks. I want to be able to do atleast 3 sets of 205 for the full 5 reps when I return to flat barbell bench.

Tate Press:

Felt pretty good, increased the reps this week so I'm happy. I'm going to switch to skull crushers next week for a few weeks and hope to come back to tate press with 45lbs for 10 reps.

Seated DB presses (no back support)

Felt good until the last set when my body told me I've had enough. Next week I'm moving on to push presses for a few weeks so I hope to return to db shoulder press with atlest 45 lbs for 8-10 reps.

Overall I was happy with my gains this week and look forward to mixing it up next week.
Who's Eddy?

It's Ed Corney. Back in Arnold's "Pumping Iron" doc, there is a scene where Ed Corney and Arnold are doing squats. Ed is pounding out reps with 315 and is on the verge of collapsing (which he does after the set I thnk) and Arnold just planley says "let's get serious."

My friends and I always got a laugh out of that and used to say it to eachother when one of us was slacking or being lazy.

YouTube - Ed Corney Squatting
It's at the 1:00 mark
Long weekend for this guy. Flew to LA on friday so I didn't train. Sat/Sun were just completely lazy days of eating 1 poor meal a day and literally laying around for 89% of the day. Monday was a slightly better diet but no training.

Oh, I'd also like to add I got about 4 hours a sleep a night, if that.

Tonight was BJJ/Sub Wrestling and we worked on single leg takedowns. One of the takedowns involved me spearing the guy in the chest to shoot the leg out and take down. Well I jammed it pretty bad going in crooked and now my inner shoulder blade hurts.

Also, this is the most fatigued I've ever felt after a workout of any kind. I'm moving like a snail, and I can't stop shivering while it's a beautiful warm day here.

Needless to say I couldn't hit the weights so I'm really hoping after about 9 hrs of sleep I feel better and can hit the gym tomorrow. Incredibly beat though, it's a task just to write this.