Chest injury...


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Oct 15, 2005
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So ya i injured the center of my chest like a month and a half ago grappling. The pain has subsided though breathing sometimes becomes kind of difficult (ive laid off all training waiting for it to heal) even in rest (its not really pain more of tightness)and even worst when i get my breathing/heart rate up. Also doing Lat dips HURTS. i need to go get X-rays i know but i was wondering if anyone else that has experienced something like this could give me a little insight to what it was/how long it took to subside. Im thinking perhaps the cartilidge on my breast plate may be bruised/inflamed. Thx for your time
i had a bad ass pain from grappling in my ribs. wound up being cartilidge, probably what it is
i hurt my chest from eating a front kick while backed against a wall. it was at least a couple months before it felt better. I just wore some padding to protect it a bit. feels wierd, but at leas you can continue to train.
ya ive done that also..... didnt tap quick enough on a kimura and it really messed my chest muscles up... it may be cartilage tho..the best thing you can do is just take some time off and do stretches