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Apr 27, 2005
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I trying to do the compound lifts and forget about the asthetic bodybuilder routines, so my last workout was this DB Squat, DB bench press on the excercise ball, DB rows, Opposing arm and leg lifts over the ball, and Crunches on the ball. All of it is circuit training as well, usually around 3 sets and I don't count reps makes it hard to focus on the lifts when I'm lifting. I was using dumbbells since it's easier to switch the weight and I don't have anyone to spot me hence why I didn't incoporate any barbell exercises. Any thoughts?
What are your goals? How many days do you train a week? Could you post your entire workout program?
Lose fat, gain muscle and strength. I was thinking of using that db rountine twice a wk and a calisthentics with some resistance band training once a wk. I'd figured my bodweight routine would be lunges, pushups, dips, crunches, pullups & back extensions.

Overtime I would include some resistance band training for shoulders, have bursitis/tendonitis in both shoulders and would do some rotator exercises with the resistance bands as well as punches using the bands. Maybe some lifts with the sandbag too.
It looks like you have the beginning of an anatomical adaptation phase here, and your planned addition will reinforce that.

As for your goals:
1) You'll lose fat on the treadmill, not lifting (although lifting helps).
2) AA isn't for size or strength. The lifts you've selected and your method of performing them will increase your neuromuscular coordination, but won't induce hypertrophy.

It's already been said. You should read the stickies before posting questions here. If you want to get bigger then I recommend the link to HST.
I haven't read the stickies, what the hell is it? Where can I find it? What should I be doing if I want to gain muscle and strength.
Hey man the stickys are at the top of page 1 on this forum! If your questions still havent been answered then you should post your questions but alot of stuff is covered in the stickys