Champions Family Fitness in Aloha, Oregon


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Jan 23, 2007
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Anyone heard anything about these guys? They are in Aloha, near beaverton, not far from portland. I live nearby and had never heard of them until recently, but got a bit of a "Mcdojo" feel from their website. I know they have several amateur fighters there, and they claim to hold both pro and am titles.

The head coach is Troy O'Connor, who has a less than stellar pro record according to sherdog.
That doesnt mean they arent legit though, as the saying goes... those who cant do, teach. :icon_chee

Im just curious to see if any one here knows much about them.

anyone in oregon out there?
Hey Oregonians. Do you know if there is any BJJ places in Eugene or that area? (I always dream about leaving California and moving back there. But I would have a tough time w/o jiu jitsu)
Troy O'Connor is highly regarded as a coach in the NW amateur circuit. Visit the forums over at I don't have any first hand experience but everyone talks good of him.
interesting. anyone else care to comment?