Cesar Gracie seems to be a GREAT instructor!


May 3, 2003
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It really doesn't surprise me now that he produces such quality students..
I'm judging this off his 'Cesar Gracie Gi Less jiujitsu' dvd series; his instruction is so concise and clear, and he explains things so logically and thorough, though without overloading you with too much information - examples of this are how he pays attention to instructing where your weight is in the techniques, which is essential IMO..

Anybody ever train under him or attend a seminar of his? I'd be interested to know because I really rate him high after watching his instructionals (even his older instructionals he has a good ability to teach).
Regardless of his own success, he's a great teacher.
I have always figured he was a good teacher just based on his students sucess. I have seen a few short clips of him teaching on the net and he seemed like a very clear and articulate teacher.
Montanha and CashBill52 are both high ranking students at Cesar's and have nothing but great things to say.

From what I have seen and read, I have the utmost respect for Cesar Gracie.

- He makes sure to keep a high standard of promotion
- Dedicated and giftes instructor
- Puts out awesome competitors
- Incorporates other styles and is open to outside influences, which in essence is what BJJ has always been about

- And most of all doesn't crave publicity, but just does his thing.
I agree, it'd be awesome to train with him. However, I've seen the gauntlet vids, and that's fucked up, lol.
That's so funny that this thread was started. Just yesterday I was checking out some of his clips on the web and found him to be really impressive. There are some older BJJ fundamentals videos online. Both gi and no gi.
Elvis voice..."Thank ya very much."

I consider myself very lucky to be part of the team. Of course we have our superstars that everyone knows but we also have Harvard and Yale grads, old and young, women, police officers, teachers, and every ethnicity on the planet.

You are only judged by your commitment to training.

edit...Cesar also refers to his Uncle Rolls when teaching certain techniques. He looks and acts like him.
I agree, it'd be awesome to train with him. However, I've seen the gauntlet vids, and that's fucked up, lol.

It's not that bad...besides it's not like you'll be going through it very often. At the rate I'm going, maybe once a decade </wishful thinking>. Plus you'll give it more than you'll get it...so when it's your turn it's more "paying your dues" than being "beat on".
LOL I'd do the gauntlet everyday If I had the skill of a blackbelt, gladly.
his old gi instructionals are the best for learning the basics. before i ever armbarred someone in practice i watched his video of the straight armbar and practiced it. next season when i came back to training i was catching gys with the straight armbar. honest truth