Celebs who need an ass whuppin!


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Apr 3, 2002
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It's time to open up a can of whupass, and Pedro Rizzo has got the can opener:

1. Tom Green (for being stupid and making the dumbest piece of shit movie ever)
2. The lead singer for Oasis, whatever his candyass name is (for being a pompous assahola rock star)
3. O.J. (for being in denial)
4. Jean Claude Van Damme (oh you can fight? ok, let's see, you two-bit gymnast)
5. Carson Daly (what a fake-ass tool.."Yo, what up Ja Rule?)
6. All the execs at the Enron Corporation (ok, they're not celebs, but they still deserve a beat down for being greedy, dishonest fucks)
7. Richard Gere (save this, dipshit!)
8. Russell Crowe (oh, my apologies, mate...but did that high kick to your thick skull hurt?)
9. Jerry Springer (for obvious reasons)
10. and last but not least....N SYNC!!!!!!!!! (see number nine)
How about Eminem, Dre, Snoop or any other rapper who acts hard but obviously ain't shit, lets see them in a cage with Ortiz and see how hard they are

Or how about putting ME in a cage with any of them so i can kick the shit through them and enjoy it too, especially eminem, little blonde bitch
Originally posted by Superstar [/B}
Or how about putting ME in a cage with any of them so i can kick the shit through them and enjoy it too, especially eminem, little blonde bitch [/B]

How do you think he got his record deal? I guy must of sucked the skin off of a pack of them.
1. NSync:)eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: ass dipshits)
2. The little bitch CArson, the :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: from MTv.
3. Ja'Rule(fake ass TuPAc wannabe)
4. Eminem (nuff said)
5. any boy bands
6. the :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: who is banging buffy the vampire slayer
7. throw in the prince naseem Ahmed
Jean Claude Van Damme is pretty close to the top of the list along with the rest of those quote un quote tuff guy martial arts people!!!

I deff have to go with....
Leonardo DiCaprio... i hate that pretty boy!
first of all snoop would beat down tito and second of all russle crow is the man
hahahahhaa...yeah, so tough...he's got to carry a gun all the time. Got hit up by some clowns that rap (Insane Clown Posse)...and he had to pull a gun! Eminem :eek::eek::eek:
I forgot to mention Vlade Divac...because he plays like a fucking girl and flops like a sissy. Also because I'm in L.A.
At least he doesn't cry like a girl (unlike the entire LA squad).
Fred "I am a lover not a fighter" Durst!!!! Put up or shut up you fucking pussy. I hate Creed but I would have loved to see that guy kick Fred's gay ass.

Eminem is on the top of my list.... that shit he pulled at the grammys with Elton John and that trying to go mainstream with that shit house "trying to be the feelgod song of the year" Stan.
Man what a pole smoker

Ya can't beat up on Jerry dude, he da man. Jerry springer is just a domestic version of MMA, however they need BJM in there to stop all the premature stoppages

Also on my list are......
Jennifer Annistion - poor little rich girl cant have a baby in her 64 million dollar house (Pitt is cool though)
Any boy band - stupid ass poofs
That :eek::eek::eek: from backstreets little bro carter - obvious
Julia Roberts - hate that slag
Kobe - there's no I in TEAM buddy
Regis off who wants to be a millionaire
Rosie Odonnel
Russel Crowe - what a mummys boy when things dont go his way
Tom Cruise - see above
Gere - he definately is a prayer

think more later
every punk ass fuck whou bully m e in school fron kindreagrten until 10th grade,,,,, wait till i get my hands on those fuckin g punk bithchws:mad:
Fredrik Ljungberg in swedish national team in soccer, i dont like him.
In no particular order..

1. Lil Bow Wow
2. ANY Lil ANYTHING rappers
3. MTV as a whole.
4. The greater portion of Hollywood.
5. Boy/Girl bands.
6. Eminem
7. Jay Lenno and his sell-out, corporate fucking ass.
9. The cast of Full House
10. Musicians who hock products. Aside from Willy Nelson, those million-dollar market whores have no need to pollute my tv with their super-saturated pocket-having asses. Fuck them. Come on, guys, what happened to REAL music? BACKSTREET BOYS HAD THE NUMBER ONE ALBUM. Doesn't that scare anybody? What makes me even MORE sick is that chicks DIG these guys. Hell, half of 'em would crack their pelvis open spreading their legs for these hair-gel mutated pop spawn sperm. I know, ladies..spare me your fucking arguements...because I know for a FACT that nobody with a DICK buys those albums. Yeah, fifty million guys picked up that album. Bullshit.

Now Jimmy Hendrix....THAT was a rock star. Op Ivy was music. The Stones, before they were zombies.
Part 2

I wouldn't mind seeing KObe Byrant and Rick Fox get a thrashing

And Phil Jackson
who said the Oasis lead singer?

i tell ya what....

ill kick your fuckin ass just for mentionin him...

hes an ass but hes made some of the greatest songs in Rock and Roll history....

i cant be assed makin a list.....

id need a top 100 list for celebrity asses

and noe would be music makers cos they aint celebs they are musicians!!!!!!!
Rosie O'Donnell, Kathy Lee Gifford

The Jesus Twins, not really celebrities considering nobody knows who they are unless you listen/watch Howard Stern.

The guy who tries to act like a badass from 'N Sync.
That fucking queer Ray Romano, he's about as funny as the WTC