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Aug 31, 2002
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I just ordered a bunch of patches and a shirt from Casca Grossa less than 24 hrs ago. JJ said he would send it to me for free for the holidays. It's already here! I got it next day air with a bunch of free stuff. Once again, Casca-Grossa has the best customer service in all of MMA.
good stuff, I know who to get my Wand stuff from in the future :wink:
Thnx Jamison...............not to bad 18 hrs from the ATL to NY.............Happy Holidays

I second that - Ive had nothing but great results from them. Always very helpful with sizing etc. Nice to see a thread giving props to some of the companies that keep us in such great gear.
I've ordered some things from them in the past and I've been more than satisfied with the service.
I two Wand shirts from there this month, and I'm on my third one on it's way. It was the first place I have ever ordered from online so I was kind of scared. I got everything pretty fast plus xtra stickers and what not. It was great.