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Car Pulls


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May 16, 2008
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I have seen this as a conditioning tool on more than one site, and I think it would be pretty fun. Do I just put the car in neutral and push? I think it's this easy, but I feel like there may be something else to it I just can't think of. To start I'll use my 92 Buick LeSabre and then graduate to my 94 Ford Explorer after I get the hang of it, since the Buick isn't that big anyway.
Car pushes are a little easier to do unless you have a harness and a place to attatch the rope. Basics are to have a driver in it and put it in neutral, seems obvious but get even a slight downhill angle and you will not catch that car again. Make sure that you use a very slight incline for it or at minimal flat ground or you just end up running behind the car.

Another good approach is to do 2 sets of 2 guys in a HIIT method, we would make a circular track around 50m and sprint it, get to the point and switch people. You would only get a rest when you were sitting in the car.
If you are on flat ground and aren't pushing in a straight line, you'll find the quads will need extinguishing before too long. It becomes hard in short order.
id love to give this a go but no 1 i train with is quirky nuf like me to be pulling a car round a car park or something similar. makes me think i need to have a chat with my mother bout dropping me on my head when i was little.
Or get some rope and attach it with the trailer hook. Place your feet on something solid like a big tire and start pulling. Good thig with a big tire is that if the car starts roling towards you, your somewhat safe behind it.