can't sweat

this post makes no sense? Are you cutting weight for a competition...
You jump rope outside? If you rely on heat to sweat work out in the sauna or workout in a room with no fans, heater on, and windows closed
Layers layers layers, train hella fast and hard to get your heart pumping and build up your core temp. Wear a sweatsuit under your layers, train by heat, heater, propane heater, fire, whatever. I'm sure you could macguyver yourself some sweat.
i dont really understand this post myself, but if you have a hard time sweating and are trying to cut weight, do what has already been suggested plus sleeping rapped in a few gladbags under 2 or three comforters and you'll sweat quarts. and yes, rubber suits help. wear them under a sweat suit and you'll have a gallon of sweat up in them after a 5k run.
and not to be a d*ck, but you live in antioch, so how do you define cold? 40 degrees? i lived in sf for two years and one of my best friends lived in pittsburg and i can honestly say i dont remeber it ever getting below the high 30s.
This is very very dangerous!!! Every year a few wrestlers die doing those things; it simply isn't worth it that much to make weight. I never cut weight using sweat as the major way to do it. I always start a few weeks beforehand by adjusting my eating routine. The best way to lose weight is over several weeks. Otherwise, you are asking for trouble! If you must make weight by sweating water, aim for a pound or two a day. Remember that if you piss is not kindof clear, then you could be dehydrated!

P.S. It gets damn cold here in Pittsburgh. Low 30s today.
well i am not trying to cut weight for anything, i just heard if you sweat it helps more in fat loss and stuff.

i was pretty much trying to say could i use this suit in my cardio.
drink more water. if you dont have water in you you wont sweat!! drink more water....

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