Can't believe this combo I just saw!

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May 24, 2004
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I was watching a fight from Brazil, Murilo Ninja vs. Leopoldo.

Leopoldo is in guard and goes for a hook sweep and goes all the way to his kness, but Ninja is able to base out, so then Leopoldo switches up and from there rolls for a kneebar. Ninja starts to pull out, so Leopoldo triangles his legs which locks Ninja in a calf crush. It's one of those showoff moves they always put in old issues of Black Belt Magazine. I couldn't believe he got Ninja in this move in a Vale Tudo fight. Ninja was in a position where it looked like he was trying to touch the back of his own head with his toes from behind. Leopoldo immediately hugs Ninja to lock it in and Ninja looks trapped. He winced in pain but did get out and won by cutting Leopoldo from his own back with elbows. The doc had to stop it. Anybody see this fight, I wish I could show a clip but I just saw it on the Passing the Guard TV show on KDOC. Anybody had luck hitting a similar combo?? I think I've come close to getting that move, but it just remains to be one of those really rare, nearly impossible subs to hit in a fight.
damn, i'll need to check this out sometime... sounds pretty crazy.
ive gotten somewhat close to getting that calf slicer once. but yeah if they make a quick move you usually lose it.