Bursitis and BJJ Traning


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Aug 3, 2006
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I didnt think it belonged in that forum.. I have always had issues with my right shoulder.. My instructor doesnt want me getting coritzone shots.. Anyone know any homegrown rememdies or am I screwed?
Why does your instructor not want you to get cortisone shots? When it comes to medical advice, follow a doctor and not a black belt.
Yes. Do not listen to him for more than BJJ (unless he is an orthopedic dr).

Where is the pain or lack in range of motion?
They might also try draining the bursal sack.

If your shoulders are like mine, there is a hook at the end of the clavicle that can irritate the bursal sack and lead to bursitis.

They can do a surgical procedure to remove the hook and relieve the irritation.

Supposedly, there isn't much to worry about if you only get a few cortizone injections a year.
well i have my appointment with a ortho specialist- i have had cortizone shots in the past for this..

I guess when we see what he has to say, then ill ask later..

I dont think that Ice Ice Ice is going to help much, tried it..

Besides rolling on the mats, down here in FL we fish - and tarpon put it on my shoulder as well... :)
As others have said your coach should be advising you on arm bars and not medical matters unless he is qualified. See what the doctor says and follow thier advice, I'm sure your coach means well but it's not his specialist subject.

Just out of interest, what type of injury is it?, is it a rotation injury?, like the type of pain you get after being subbed by a kimura lock? - I have a should problem also with my left side, it's mainly when I throw jabs, it's bearable but I sure would like it to go away.