Broken leg with metal rod in it. Anyone have this?


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Jun 7, 2004
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Well I been out of the game for a few months and i recently broke my tibia (shin bone) riding my motorcycle. I wonder if it is safe to continue in MMA with about 6 screws holding a 14 in. long rod in my shin bone??? Anyone gone through this or anything similar??? Thanks
My sister got ran over by a car and had it done. She did marching band a year later and it held up ok. Not sure about MMA. Might be bad for the other person getting hit with it.
If I were you I wouldn't train. Especially with a rod and screws holding your shin together.

Just let it heal. Who knows, you could get hurt worse and never be able to train again. Why take the chance?
you are absolutely crazy. you could do some cardio and lift weights but hard training is out of the question! it's too easy to make a mistake when you're dead tired and doing complicated stuff. trust me, you dont want to feel the snap lol
I might just go lightly and be real careful and go from there. With the break, my left shin bone became 4 pieces so the way they fix that is by hammering a titanium rod from the knee area down into the inside of the shin bone to hold it all together. And once its in , they use screws that go through the bone into the rod. I remember training with a dude in our class that had broken his ankle in a cage fight and as soon as he felt he'd get caught he'd tap.....maybe ill be the same now. This sucks. Riding bikes are a hell of alot of fun and a major rush just like MMA but waayy dangerous. Make a small mistake and its almost certain that something will break.
You should be fine to train once the bone has healed around the nail. Whoever put it in should be following you with serial x-rays to determine that the fracture is healing. As long as eveything was put in correctly, you should not be any more susceptible to a fracture than you would be otherwise.
Now, in the event that you are very likely to refracture the leg, i.e. you will continue to ride motorcycles for a long time or you are some wickedly high level kickboxer or striker, you may want to consider having the nail removed after satisfactory union of the fracture has occured. Bear in mind that removal would probably necessitate a period of limited weight bearing and no training.
with time the bone should completly heal should it not?
yes,it should heal.
Time frame depends on other factors such as how comminuted(busted) it was, general health, smoking etc.
123fight said:
yes,it should heal.
Time frame depends on other factors such as how comminuted(busted) it was, general health, smoking etc.

You sound like u know a thing or two about a thing or two! My guess is 1) your in the medical field 2) broken your leg before 3) or know someone who has!
Anyway, I wondered if the impact from say kicking the bag, or like heel hooks , or achilles locks and stuff would make the IM rod worsen the situation because I know bone flexes a little to a point and obviously titanium wont. I also wonder how bad things will turn out in the event that it does break again, as opposed to it breaking without the rod in it! I have a plate on the outer bone of my left forearm that i can actually feel and wonder if that will also affect me in a negative way. Right now im thinking ill get the plate removed because skin is so thin in that area that i predict the plate pressing the skin against whatever im hitting will cut it easily! Man im a mess.... :icon_cry2
the bone might heal the wrong way if you mess it up... i think a bone in my hand is bent due to bench pressing after braking it lol. no joke
Once the bone has healed kicking a bag or heel hooks shouldnt be a problem. Titanium will actually flex a little, thats why these are used more commonly than stainless steel nails (which are also used).
A fracture with the nail in is a mess, but you will probably require a high energy event such as a gunshot wound or car wreck to do it.
The plate seems like it may need to go.
Hope it all works out.