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Oct 22, 2004
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From watching some of the vid's of fighters, some of them don't seem to have learned how to breath correctly, especially in between rounds, when you can get some wind back. I'm amazed, if it were me, I'd be spitting that mouthpiece out and sucking in as much air as I can inbetween rounds.

That said, I recently learned a few deep breathing techniques, and I immediately noticed an increase in performance and endurance, simply by doing a few breathing exercises before the workout, inbetween the workout, and afterwards.

I am not "skilled" enough to teach deep breathing techniques, as I'm just learning myself, but I wanted to share just what a HUGE difference it is.

That said, I'm hoping someone who is skilled in breathing techniques will share with the rest of the group.

The one that has just worked miracles that I do, is I press the pressure point about 3" below my belly button, and inhale to try to "inflate" that part, this fills the lower 3rd of your lungs. First time I tried it, got really dizzy, but now, after a few breaths like that, I can feel increased O2 supply.
I would assume for the mouth guard, they would leave it in during the breaks in between rounds (I'm assuming during practise) to mske it more dificult and hence easier whenm they fight and do take out the mouth guard

did that make sense?

Any other techniques/references that you know of.
Also interested in learning new things
Great post. I think it's pretty underrated and neglected, but as you said can make a huge difference. I guess it's one of those things that seems too simple to be effective, but I guess that's the point. Where does all activity, health and life start from - breathing.

When I started grappling there was a guy who was smaller than me who I used to feel would "outmuscle" me all the time. Just at the moments he would explode he seemed 100x stronger than I did at that moment. When I asked him about it, he said he would wait until I'd breathed out, then explode the move. That left me in the weaker position because I needed to catch my breath before even thinking about countering. I became more concious about my breathing from that point and it's helped a lot.
I learned low deep relaxed breaths from acting/voice classes and now do it naturally.The upside to doing this is tremendous including less energy expended and staying Fedor calm. Excellent/cheap way
of dealing with hypertension, anxiety, and all sorts of other bad shit.

Try and visualize yourself breathing thru your crotch. You entire lower torso expands including the sides and the back. If your having trouble feeling your back/sides expand suck air as if thru a straw just to see how it feels and gain body awareness.

No heaving! If your chest and shoulders raise up you've defeated the purpose because the tension restricts the airflow. Got to consciously focuse on keeping your upper body, throat/neck, jaw, face, relaxed in the beginning. Although i've learned to expand my nostrils as i breaht in to increase air flow.
WOW...2 good threads on breathing, and that is definlty something Ive been needing to work on. Thanx TwoBlink. I love Sherdog.
Good info. Thanks for the post. I'm going to definately look into it a bit more. I've toyed with it before....but never really got going....now since hearing of your experience....I'll do it.
are you talking about the lower left lobe of the lungs? the 5th lobe?
Interesting thread. I think inbetween rounds it is best to take out you mouthpiece and put your arms up in the air thus stretching your lungs and take several deep breaths in through you mouth and out through your nose. Getting Oxygen to the blood is underated but when it is not supplied sufficiently your fighter is going to be finished. That is why is is vital to sit up straight inbetween (some choose to stand) and put your arms up in order to take in as much as possible. Thats my 2 cents on it
You got it backwards:

In through the NOSE
Out through the MOUTH

The nose does quite a bit for you; it:

1) Filters the air (via nose hairs, and mucous)
2) Moisturizes the air (via mucuous)
3) The nasal passageway has a lot of blood lining, and so it will warm up the air to near body temp

vs the mouth, where the throat doesn't do that great of a job of moisturizing nor filtering.


Awesome page. Read up on deep breathing.

Lack of water might be the #1 reason for constipation, #2 is probably lack of fiber, and #3 is lack of deep breathing!