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Dec 10, 2004
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A little help?........

I have been training BJJ for about a year. Never had any breathing problems yet now a lot of the time when I am rolling I find I cant get my breath. Especially when I have someone on top of me. Its like I have to yawn REALLY bad and cant get it in. Anyone else experience this or have suggestion? I had a check up and my blood/oxygen levels are good. Good EKG as well
Freakin irritating...............
No ashtma either
bruised sternum maybe? thats all i can think, i went through one earlier this year and it was different from what you described simply because it actually hurt my chest to breath
Does the guy on top outweigh you by more than 50+lbs? Because it is quite normal to have difficulty breathing when a big dude is on top of you.

Also I would suggest focusing on a top game so you CAN breathe.
could be hyperventillating.

One of the hardest things to learn in BJJ is to be relaxed and calm when you roll. Concentrate on it. Once you've started hyperventillating it's gonna be tough to catch your breath while still rolling. '

One thing that's been taught to me is to concentrate more on forcing or expelling air rather than bringing it in. When you are hyperventillating your lung's capacity to bring in fresh air is severely limited cus they're already filled with air (much of it CO2) Try using your diaphragm to force air out, your natural instinct (combined with the fact that you are probably already hyperventillating) will take care of bringing the air in.
Like was said before try to slwo your breathing down ... Stay calm and concentrate on exhaling...
I use to bug out underneath people untill i learned to just chill. Look for the spots i could breath and just try breath calmly.