**Brand new Marcelo Garcia 10 minute roll. Amazing!**

Marcelo has got to have the best guilliotine / suvaco sweep ever
He makes it look so easy.
Marcelo is awesome as usual and makes anyone, even some black belts, look less than their level.

If I had to play him I would pay full closed or lockdown half. Screw a butterfly or inverted guard!
One of the few guys I actually enjoy watching roll BJJ. A real pretty game.
Cool how he keeps giving the guy instruction. I'd love to visit his place in Florida. I think I can take him too :)
Imma go down there some time after I deal with my SATs, a few hour drive for me. It'll be awesome
I've always wondered why nobody says anything about Macelo's legs.. they are tree trunks!!! Despite his height, he looks to have VERY powerful legs, and it seems the case in his fights..
Is that Gilbert Melendez? He actually made him look like a purple belt. :D
Wow. His reactions and timing and control are almost perfect. It's ridiculous. He seems to add new stuff to his game all the time, too. I'm pretty sure I just watched the best submission grappler that ever lived....
Marcelos in the room and some guys look like they dont even notice...
Look. It's the Second Coming.
If you think about it Marcelo Is kind of the Rickson of todays bjj - lb for lb i still think marcelo is the best there is.
I'm lookin' forward to Marcelo's next MMA fight. Now that he's with ATT he should be teh best!