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Brad Morris on Sherdog Radio at 3pm EST

No speakers at work, but I'll stare at the page.
Unfortunately, I'll be in a class that doesn't allow laptops at that time, and it's some people's debate day anyways...
Note: They almost always do the interviews with ~30 minutes left on the show. So the interview should be happening at around 4:30 pm EST. If you can't listen then, DL it later or Brad will tie you to his chain yolk and carry you until you die.
Anyone know a stenographer?
I'll listen to it after training tonight. Let's hope there's a couple St. Wilhelms references in it.
Does he use the echo effect for the whole program?
Why are they talking about Olive Garden? Someone needs to destroy these jocks.
This program reeks of lack of show prep.
I stole the headphones from a co-worjers computer, but I can't get the damn thing to play.