Boxing Gloves and Size


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Nov 29, 2003
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Ok I'm sure this thread has been done a thousand times before but I searched and couldn't find anything. I would love to hear some feedback on what size glove and what brand would be best that you spar with. I have been doing it with a sub par pair. I would like a decent pair that will last. Thanks guys.
Any other suggestions or brands that anyone can vouch for?
16oz. gloves is the norm. for most gyms.
I would go with 16 oz since they're heavier and will condition your arms better. I'm not a boxer however, so that's just a guess on my part.

SSF has some nice gloves that are high quality and reasonably priced, with excellent customer service.
You're asking what could be contrued as several different questions. Boxers generally use 16oz gloves in sparring (sometimes even more) and the use headgear. Unlike grapplers, the don't need any of there fingers so their hands are pretty useless or limited in terms of grappling. Mixed martial artists generally use 14 or 16 oz gloves and they usually play paddycake so it doesn't matter. The also use the pankration gloves for practice. Also, get bag gloves, you want bag gloves for their thin padding on the heavy bag. And oh yeah, gloves are very important for protecting your hand as well as your opponents face, learn to wrap your hands properly. If your strength is grappling, keep it. If you're older, you will have a limit of how much boxing and striking you can assimilate. Learn what you need to better yourself but accept the fact that you will not (as none of the MMA fighters are) become a boxer of world class level.
Ok what constitutes a bag glove? When I train I hit the heavy bags and we have guys hold mitts up for us to hit as well. All I want to know is what size glove should I use to do this? Would it be better to use a heavier glove (14-16 oz) to build endurance and strength?
Just buy 16 oz and you are good to go for all training purposes. Down the road, you can get bag gloves if you want a different pair or something. But 16s are good for everything, unless you are unusually big or small. my boxing training I have always used 16oz gloves for both the bag/mits and for training...If you intend on doing alot of stand up work I rec' getting 2 pairs set for the bags/mits the other for sparring..your sparring partners will appreciate your gloves being solid and in good condition for one on one training...

as for favorite has always been TITLE boxing...good quality and a nice feature is the pull down cover that goes over the velcro...keeps it from coming undone or cutting/scratching your partners...
Well, generally, bag gloves are thinly padded. You want this to develop snap in your punches. Heavily padded gloves naturally take some of the impact away which is fine for sparring but not really good for sharpening up your punches. You can use heavier gloves yes, I usually use bag gloves. Heavier gloves do certainly increase my punching speed and coordination, especially when I drill my combinations, shadowboxing. You can use both for the bag and focus mits but if you get my point, the thin gloves help you get the right crack going and they also get you to land your punches along the proper knuckle surface, the three knuckles from your pinkie up.
I gotta disagree with you a little bit when it comes to the glove issue mozfonky. When you are just starting out boxing, you need to learn proper technique before anything in my opinion. If this guy is already working on a heavy bag and mitts, hopefully he knows how to throw a punch without putting a lot of strain on his wrists and hands. If not, go with the 16 oz gloves for sure, because they protect your hands more. Also, make sure to wrap your hands PROPERLY. I can't tell you how many times I've seen guys hurt themselves because they have a bad job done on their's kind of sad really. Not that I'm an expert or anything, but I've been around a bit, and I've never once hit a heavy bag without wrapping my hands first....some guys do, but I think that's it's like playing Russian Roulette with your health.

Bag gloves are cool once you've gained some experience, althought they offer basically no protection for your hands.
different strokes for different folks, but yes handwrapping and protecting the hands is very important. Proper delivery is too. I started with bag gloves and never really had bad hand problems, they hurt and are deformed somewhat but that's part of the game. Like I said to the guy, if he's not a boxer he probably shouldn't spend too much time trying to perfect it.
I'm 5.10 and 130 pound does any one know how much oz should i be using?
Does every brand makes the standard size like for example Everylast 14 oz should be the same as a 14 oz Fairtex?
should be but a Mexican style glove will have a bigger face then a standard boxing glove.