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Oct 20, 2004
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Welcome to Sherdog Boxing Forum.

It is our hope that this forum will be your consolidated source for all boxing news, and your unified community.

This is a private forum - so posting is a privilege, not a right. All rules are subjective to administrative interpretation.

Forum Rules
  • No Fighter Bashing - Criticism is fine, but flaming is not. Please note that an unsubstantiated accusation of steroids and PEDs is fighter bashing. In regards to female fighters, posting inappropriate, sexual or graphic comments is considered trolling and fighter Bashing. This applies to their relatives and loved ones as well.
  • No Flaming Comments - Do not go over the top with your fellow posters. Any graphic attack or comment that is deemed over the line will be met with an infraction worthy of the offense.
  • No Empty Posting - Do not make empty posts which do not contribute to the forums (e.g. "too long/didn't read," "Rickson by armbar," "huge if true," irrelevant pictures, etc.). Do not make any tape trading, selling, or spamming posts.
  • No Graphic Posting - Do not post, quote, or solicit anything that is sexually graphic (including pedophilia and incest) or excessively gross. Posting pornography will result in a ban. Dead bodies, Street Fighting Videos (there is a forum for that), and visible urls to porn/nude sites are not allowed. Encouraging, promoting, celebrating, and responding to a pornographic thread is discouraged and could result in an infraction if deemed appropriate.
  • No Copyrighted Material - Do not copy and paste an entire article; and do not post, nor request, illegal streams. Avoid posting/soliciting video clips of events recently shown on PPV.
  • No Profanity in Thread Titles - Do not use profanity in thread titles. Do not circumvent the word filter by using alternative letters, numbers, symbols, spaces, fonts, etc., in a word to prevent it from being censored. Posting pictures with banned words on them also counts as circumventing the word filter.
  • Do Not Make Multiple Accounts - Registering or using an alternate account will result in an infraction or ban.
  • No Trolling - Do not make posts that are deliberately offensive or provocative with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them. This includes making accusations of fixed fights and race-baiting posts. Orchestrating forum raids is also considered trolling and can result in a ban.
Not open for further replies.