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Jul 30, 2004
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Does anyone here train using only bodyweight exercises or BW and reisitancew cables. if so list any workout you found useful. Im looking for more pushup variations to add to my 600 i do daily. thanks.
i have been doing only BW workouts in the last 2 month.

i do a 3-1 split in my training days and try to have one day for endurnce, one for strength and one for explosive strength and a combination of strength endurnce.

day one i will run about 2-3 miles, do about 100 PL and then do about 300 push ups, 400 sit ups, 500 squats.

day 2 i will run, do one hand push ups, muslce ups on the pull up bar, single leg squats.

day 3 cross fit style work out that includes a combination of running and bw stuff at a mix
I don't train only with BW, but I have been experiementing with pushups lately. Here are a few thoughts on the pushups,

feet on a chair pushups

feet on a chair with a few 10 pounds plates on your back (or a 25, but you cannot buy 25 pounders here so I will use 10)

dive bomber pushups

doing really big sets of pushups quite fast. If you do 600 a day, is that 3 sets of 200 or is it 60 sets of 10? I think the 3 sets of 200 would probably be better.

varying hand positions. Get creative. Finger tips, knuckles, extra wide, in tot he center, etc.
I've been doing my push ups tabata style and they kill me. I'me sore now and I'm about two months into it. My goal is to make it all the way through with out doing them hooker-style... on my knees
good answers. for the weighted pushups, even just doing them normally is great. i almost never to bench press anymore, almost always do weighted pushups. the benefits are far greater to mma/grappling for the core strength and stabilizer muscles which get recruited.

also, handstand pushups are great too. I also do a crossfit style workout. for example

5 pullups
10 handstand pushups
20 squats

do as many sets in 25 minutes as you can, no rest.


10 pushups
20 situps
30 squats

do this every minute, on the minute, for 30 minutes.

single leg squats are great too, same with one-arm pushups, though I have to cheat with my other arm to do them.

thaiboxing-iz's workout is the shit, might try it next week.

one of the hardest workouts from crossfit is something combining running with bw stuff or snatches

run 800 m
30lb dumbbell swings
run 800 m
30lb dumbbell swing 20 times
run 800 m
30 lb dumbbell swings


run 400 m
50 lb squat-snatch 20 times
run 400
50 lb squat snatch 20 times

get the idea? don't really need lots of weights, or even any weights if you like. explosive strength can be gained through pushups (clap your hands) or even handstand pushups with hand clapping, though it is better to have a partner support you. jumping pullups and jumping squats round things out.