Bodyweight circuits


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Oct 2, 2002
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Just another way to condition in case you get bored of your normal routine or just want to hit your body in a different manner.

Try this

bodyweight/or hindu squats - as many as possible and a fast pace
standing ab wheel rollouts

All of these back to back, no rest , as many as possible for each.

My experience: The hindu squats get your lungs going but not too incredibly hard, you dont start to really have trouble breathing til the pushups....

I managed about 150 squats, 80 pushups, 15 pullups, and 5 standing ab wheel rollouts and this took me about 8-10 minutes . I was suckin wind pretty hard after this.

I was gonna try a second set but i puked haha, although i think that was due to working out with too much food in me.

Give it a shot and see what you can do. I think this is also excellent conditioning for fighting just like burpee rounds.
I will have to check this out. I have been meaning to adopt a good bodyweight workout routine.
I just started doing burpee rounds a few days ago. It's awesome that I can get a good sweat going in like 10 minutes like that.
I was looking for more ideas.
I currently do:
Jumping squats
Push up variations
Jumping lunges
Stationary sprints

All back to back, take about a minute rest, and repeat for a total of three sets.
What else you guys got?
lots of ways to organize this kind of stuff.

heres a couple, with examples.

1. set reps, set exercises, set rounds. ie: 20 pushups, 20 burpees, 20 situps for 5 rounds.

2. set reps set exercises, set time for max rounds. ie: 20 pushups, 20 burpees, 20 situps as many times through as you can in 20 minutes.

3. set time for max reps, set exercises, set rounds or total time. ie. as many pushups as possible in 2 minutes, 2 minutes burpees, 2 minutes situps, for 5 rounds or 10 minutes total each exercise.

4. create exercise pairings or triplets, as many as you want, and assign a time limit to each. ie. 20 pushups and 20 situps back and forth for 10 minutes, then onto 20 burpees and 20 squats back and forth for the next 10 minutes.

5. then the way true2kungfu already said, maxreps of each back to back. he already gave an example.

i personally think #2 is the hardest way. if you dont half-ass it and truly go for max rounds it will just get harder and harder and the time seems longer and longer.
wow, someone brought up an old thread. Note, i am in much better shape than that suggests.

Anyways, id say do the hindu squats, the hindu pushups and then pullups all to failure, then once done with the pullups go back to the squats, keep working, or rather dying through this until 20 minutes is up.