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Bleeding Brain


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Oct 6, 2005
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I apologize if this has been posted as a topic before, but I could not find it.
My question relates to comments on Saturdays UFC event, where it was said that cutting weight can cause internal brain bleeding. I have heard from other sources that it can cause damage to your digestive tract, not to mention ruin your performance, but this is the first time I have heard of the brain bleeding.
If anyone can explain this or point me to a link or site which covers it, I would be very thankful.
I have never heard ot it..If so, my guess that it would have something to do with lose of water in the body and brain, affecting blood preasure..hmm???
The message here is don't cut too much weight or something bad may happen. Riggs, quit being a tool and go back to weighing 350 pounds.
Cutting weight is really shitty for your body. Mainly because of the de-hydration. I'm not sure of the brain bleeding, never heard of that it is possible to damage your organs and your joints if you are not probably hydrated. When you are hydrated, you're organs and joints are cushioned and there is no harmful friction, but when you are not, among other things, you can wear down your joints and there is no coushing for your organs or anything. You can damge your cartiladge, and other shit. That's just at the begining of the list.

provided you continue to lose water, you could do unlimited damage
Dehydration is what killed Bruce Lee and you know what? He died of a brain edema.
Although the official cause of death was an adverse reaction to painkillers. Sure seems funny to me though that he lost 10-12 pounds in a relatively short amount of time.
Jay M. said:
Dehydration is what killed Bruce Lee and you know what? He died of a brain edema.

Haha let's not even go there.
Mannny people think he died of an allergic reaction to smoking Hasish. He was hospitalized for that before. He smoked it, brain swelled, laid down and fell asleep, dead. Some people thing he died from a "death touch" (dim mak) from a Kung Fu master. Whatever the cause may be, I believe that he was murdered, along with his son.