black belts giving black belts???


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Jul 17, 2002
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what are your thoughts ?
i understand that according to the confederation, you must be a 3 stripe black belt to give a black belt. so the guys getting black belts from guys that are not on that they care??, do the regular black belts giving them out really care that they ra egoing against the federation??
please discuss your thoughts.
i feel the federation was set up to further the sport and prevent the watering down of it. therefore we should honor the federation. some states have bjj federations on a state level also.
a lot of people blow them off and dont care.
will one set of rules for tournaments and scoring ever happen?? dont look like it will,
lots to discuss here
i never heard that before, and i guess it depends on what federation or confederation u belong too
Asel1 said:
i never heard that before, and i guess it depends on what federation or confederation u belong too
Yea that being said , 3rd degree is pretty much a standard across the board to promote someone to black (most all Martial Arts ) . You can't promote someone to the same rank as you . Just one belt below .So a first degree blackbelt can only promote someone to brown belt . Most instuctors that can't promote someone will have their instuctor come out and do the promotion for them . When you get to a really high level 2nd , 3rd , etc they have a group of high ranked black belts from what ever federation or confederation you belong to sign off on your promotion and then promote the person ...This is how it was explained to me ....I my have missed a few little details but that's about .
I thought the deal is with some styles that you can't give a rank equivalent to your own but you can give the rank under. but your probably right. Anyway I would get the lowdown on that if I was getting a rank, I've heard of people getting stripped over stuff like that.
It's lame that all people don't follow those guide lines . It's only a matter of time before there are BJJ MCDojos everywhere ( I hope like hell I'm wrong ) . My teacher one time explained how long it took him to get to Black , 8-12 months to blue -blue to purple 4 years - purple to brown 4 years - brown to black around 4 years as well ....If my instuctor said dude I'm gonna use the same time frame with you , I would be like ya ok old school and train just as hard or harder ...
Hey lets face it. BJJ is the new TKD. By that I mean its the big new thing. TKD is in a sad state now. I know a kid that got a black belt in seven months when he was ten. No shit, know the instructor. You talk to anybody about MA and they hve either never seen MMA and TKD is deadly or they have and BJJ is the only way to go. It's inevitable that BJJ get watered down because all these jackass instructors are looking to cash in. Sad, but true.
I agree and CBJJ makes the rules for a reason. I feel it is cheating any other way.
I am not so sure. Saying that you have to be a third degree black belt to promote someone can be absurd. In terms of skill a black belt is a black belt, degree's are meaningless, how is it that a third degree has better ability in terms of judgement of who deserves a black belt.
Do you have an example of a non-third degree black belt giving another guy a black belt? Its not that I don't believe you, it would just help if I knew who you were talking about.

Also, let's not forget that black belts above third degree aren't infallible in decision making either. The promotion of Conan Silveira to black belt comes to mind.
Because they have put in the extra time to get there, that's why. You learn from white to black, you perfect and refine from black onwards. I'd rather get my black from Carlos Valente or Marcus Soares, then Lovato Jr, even tho' junior is an excellent fighter, Valente is the greater teacher.
i thought you had to be a black belt for six years before giving a blackbelt.
1st Black promoting to 1st Black is extremely shady...but if that is the ultimate highest rank at the specific gym and there's no one close around...can it be helped?

I just hope BJJ never goes the way of the McDojo and it becomes the standard "3 years to Black" routine...that'd make all the other well-earned Blacks so trivial...
After 3rd degree a teacher can give BB to anyone without asking anybody. In any other case they ask "their" teacher to aprove giving the BB and sighn a certificate or something... i never heard anyone having truble with that... I think to get 3rd degree BB you must be a BB for around 8-9 Years or something... ain't tottaly sure. I think "in terms of being legit" it's good for things to be like that... It's kinda of way keeping things in control... if things get out of hand and control in the future you may have BBelt's with less than blue-Belt level.
Do many instructor's actually do this? I mean, how hard is it to get a 3rd degree to come out, give a seminar, and promote your best student? - Or at least sign off on his certificate.
My instructor Roberto Atalla got his black belt from "Bolao" Souza to compete at black belt level in 98 but didn't get his first degree certificate from Carlo Gracie Jr until 3-4 years later. I think it's possible to be given a black belt by another black belt however it's as a competition black belt rather than 1st degree teaching black belt which you can only get certified for by a 3rd degree black belt or higher... I'm probably not explaining this very well, am I?