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Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by shs101, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Looking for more strategical or good concepts for bjj....I'm a mma guy and if anyone knows anything actually about striking,on a more advanced level its all about strategy and principles. What about bjj? Any specific strategies or concepts that can change your grappling game?
    For ex in dave camarillo new book submit everyone he starts to talk about very interesting strategical points on grappling and if anyone read it or knows what I'm talking about can you touch on these topis?
    I feel like this is a very underrated topic because I hear no one at the gym ever really discussing this and hard to find anything good on youtube.

    Share your knowledge!!
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    My instructor always tells us to think in general terms while grappling instead of specifics. He says it helps speed up your thought process, improves your flow, and gives you more options.

    Example: Instead of thinking " ok I'm going to try and set up and go for an armbar. " think " I'm going to attack the arm. "


    " I'm going to set up and go for the pendulum sweep " and instead think " I'm going to look for a sweep. "
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    It's harder in grappling than in striking only because so much of the game is action-reaction. A few general things would include always keeping good posture, whether on top or on bottom, preventing the pass by always keeping your hips aligned with theirs, always having at least as many grips as your opponent, attacking posture and balance first and then subs and sweeps from guard, not being in a hurry to finish subs after they're locked in, and just generally emphasizing maintaining control over immediate results.
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    Do you mean a tournament strategy? For me it's "get on top and stay on top". Ideally I'd get the takedown and stay dominant, if I'm taken down or reversed/swept then I recover a guard (Butterfly or Closed Guard ideally) and sweep back to top position, if they pull guard I pass and stay on top or leglock if they give it me, if they stand in my guard or otherwise disengage to pass standing then I create space and stand up myself and fight for the takedown. That's basically my strategy - be top heavy and pressure them hard, use the guard if I'm forced to but don't piss around just get back on top, if the opponent stands in the guard I'll use sitting guard to defend as I aim to make space, stand and takedown.
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    Are you a MMA guy asking for BJJ strategy to improve your MMA game? If yes, take a look at Mario Sperry's Vale Tudo series.

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