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    Okay so back into the proper training now and Im mixing between Muay-Thai and BJJ (both of which are more technique orientated in my mind and goals, despite being physically testing also) and a balance of cardio training (both aerobic and anaerobic), and strength training.

    Heres my rough plan, Ill be working off a split where I lift on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday where I alternate the days.

    Im 6"3 and weigh 228lbs or 103kg

    Lifting is broken down like this:

    Day 1:


    followed by 5km on the rowing machine and my sprints will be synched to be 2 days after this day unless I do this on the Friday.

    Day 2:

    Bench - with Dumbbells and Barbell, and Incline
    Pull Downs
    Upright Rows
    Shoulder Raises
    Tricep Pulls
    Military Press

    followed by a 3km run and a cylce for 20 mins with heart rate at 140 bpm.

    Cardio Day:

    Treadmill Sprints at max Incline
    1500m run to time




    Lifting and BJJ and Sprints if Legs were on Sunday




    Cardio Day including sprints if legs were on Tuesday



    Lift and Swim


    Muay-Thai and BJJ


    Lift and Swim

    Now I have set some target weights to achieve by the summer. Once I get more into the cardio I will post target times, distances,heartrates etc


    Bench Press - 100kg or 220 lbs for 8 reps (my bench sucks)
    Squat: 200kg or 440lbs for 10 reps
    Deadlift: 170kg or 374lbs for 8 reps
    Pull Ups: Bodyweioght plus 10kg or 22lbs for 10 reps.
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    Jul 19, 2005
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    Tuesday 11th March:

    First Day, have exams right now so no Martial Arts Classes until next week.

    Squat: 160km or 352lbs for 3 sets of 10 reps

    Deadlift: 110kg/242lbs for 3 sets of 8 reps (1st week Ive deadlifted with the bar in about 2 years, prior to this was on the machine)

    Calves: Single leg 100kg for 10 reps

    Shrugs: 160kg or 352lbs for 3 sets of 12 reps.

    Left out core routine cos of time restraints and cos I did it at the weekend.

    Rowing Machine: 5km in 22 mins - barely broke a sweat, need to increase speed.
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    Jul 19, 2005
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    Friday 14th March:

    Missed cardio yesterday and exams mean I cant do any MA's until after next week but here's what i got done.

    Dips - skipped dips and had no dipping belt.

    Bench - with Dumbbells 1 set 60 kg for 10 reps

    - and Barbell - Legs up 75kg for 6,5,5

    Incline Bench - 2 sets 10 reps @ 55kg

    Pull Downs - 3 sets of 8 reps @ 95kg

    Upright Rows - Back (machine) 60kg for 2 sets of 10, front 60kg for 10. Moving back to the barbell for these next time.

    Shoulder pull downs - 65kg for 2 sets of 12

    Tricep Pulls - 2 sets 65 kg 10 reps

    After lifting I did 2 sets of 10 50 metre sprints starting once my heart rate went below 150 bpm.

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