Big guy BJJ instructionals


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Jan 9, 2009
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Hey what kind of dvds are good for a wrestleresque type bjj player thats a heavyweight and and top heavy game thanx in advance
What part of your game are you looking for, passing? Takedowns? A particular sub? What is your experience?
Heavyweight Jiu Jitsu Volume 1 by Rodrigo Munduruca i used to wrestler provincially, I am a white belt in gi, no gi I am even wit blue to purple belts, but this i atribute to better athletism. i am looking for gi dvd
I'd also appreciate some recommendations. Preferably something offering submissions/sweeps off my back. I bought the Cobrinha set and was really disappointed with it. For one it was more advanced than I expected it to be and most of it was shit I felt like I couldn't perform. I also didn't care for the way he filmed it, with the whole demonstrating it once and then performing it at full speed. Some of my favorite instructionals were Saulos and Mario Sperrys, if that helps give you guys an understanding of what I'm looking for. I also enjoyed Babus BJJ Mastermind set.