Big Country KO Discussion (merged threads)

The fat fuck wins again. God damn I love that man
The shot that hit him wasn't even that hard, but Big Country swarmed him! He smelled blood.

Edit: Started striking in 2009? Wow that is sick.
Would love to see Nelson vs a striker like Reem, Barry or Lavar
What the fuck Herb DEan waiting on with that mouth piece? Goddamn dude.
imagine what he could do if he trained properly lol
Would Meathead have been rocked from those seemingly glancing shots if he had his mouthguard in?
I've come to hate Roy, such an annoying personality, but you can't deny those skills, too bad he doesn't take it seriously enough, so much potential.

Nice KO!
Mitrione actually looked decent until he got clipped too. Another win for Big Country, curious as to what's next for him.