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Oct 10, 2005
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any body know a website to find out my body fat percent i found one but now i can't find it any more.
well you enter your measurments and it tells you
Pay the like 5 dollars at your local health club for the calipers test.
marine said:
well you enter your measurments and it tells you

probably the worst possible way to estimate body fat.

i think simple caliper test are actually more accurate than take and electrical testing. i had one of the electrical tests once and it came out 5.6%....which is a litttttttle low.
you can get calipers from ironmind for $20
As a general rule, if you have no abs you are over 10% and if you have love handles you are over 20%. Other than that, I think the army tables are useful for estimating where you are; although, the caliper method probably has the best accuracy/practicality ratio.
entering values (height and weight) to calculate body fat does not take into account the muscle you have OR the fat you have. everyone is shaped differently.

for example, a 6'1, 200 lbs. man might have a lot of fat and very little muscle, but another man might have lots of muscle and very little fat. these two guys would have the same BMI body mass index (weight in kg/height in metres^2) is a good general predictor of healthy body composition for AVERAGE people, but not athletes.

also, skinfold calipers take some practice and learning how to use them. you need to be precise with the exact locations you are measuring, and it takes practice to be able to knead through muscle tissue with your fingers to measure only the fat below the skin.
If you want to know your bodyfat percentage, and you want it to be accurate, a reliable way is to get hydrostatically weighed. I did this by tracking down a grad student at one of my local universities and made an appointment with him. There are a couple of other newer ways that are extremely accurate but I don't know much about them.

Calipers, though popular, are not very reliable unless you can get someone who has extensive experience and practive using them. Most people at health clubs are not even qualified enough to do this accurately unless they've done thousands of tests. But calipers can be useful. While you won't likely be able to accurately measure your actual bodyfat with them, as long as you're measuring at the exact same spot on your body every time, you can at least tell whether you're gaining or losing bodyfat.

Bioelectrical impedence testing can be fairly accurate, but the pre-test requirements, if not followed, can skew the result by several percentage points.

Marine, what you may be talking about is the Body-Mass Index, which I wouldn't even bother doing because it's not even a measurement of bodyfat. At just above 6 feet and around 235 I'm considered obese according to that index and I should seek medical attention immediately. That's complete crap because I know that my bodyfat is around 15%.

ok yea next doctors appoinment i get i am gonna get a bf% test thanks for yall input.
The mirror will tell you your bodyfat percentage. This other stuff is a waste of time and money. WTF does it matter? Can you see all your abs? that's 10% or less. 2-4 of your abs? 11-14%. None of your abs: > 15%. There that's as accurate as you really need to be. really, who gives a shit?
I can see all my abs and my electronic tester days i'm 14-15 % has a caculator section, go in there and it will have one to figure out your bodyfat based on your hieght, weight etc.

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