Beyer-RJJ Fight?


Sherdog Writer: Joseph Myers
Jan 17, 2008
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Saw this on Maybe RJJ has something else on his mind besides Anderson Silva.... :icon_chee

Beyer to face Jones Jr.?
When three-time WBC super middleweight champion Markus Beyer takes on Murat Mahmudov on Friday night in Munich after one and a half years of ring absence, one of the interested observers will be Roy Jones Jr. RJ is planning to come from Pensacola to Bavaria to watch Beyer, who may end up being Jones' next opponent. In the past, all attempts to bring Jones to Germany have failed, but now it seems Jones Jr. is actually coming. "If we can make it and agree on a deal, I will do all I can to make the fight in Germany," stated Arena CEO Ahmet
Did Beyer really call himself a great fighter? Jesus.
Apparently so. I just posted what the article said.