Between Muay thai/Jujitsu class energy source?


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Apr 13, 2008
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I currently take my muay thai and BJJ back to back, and some days if im sparring hard in thai Im very unfocused in my BJJ class.

I was wondering if there is anything I could eat or take in between that could keep my energy level up?

I usually have a medium sized bowl of oatmeal an hour or 2 before workouts, and nothing in between (I have roughly 10 minutes to change and start BJJ warmups)
get some of that energy gel stuff that runnres use
An electrolyte/carb drink would probably serve you well. Gatorade isn't the best, but it's a cheap way of doing it.
I almost made a post on why ive been so drained for the last couple weeks before my MT class untill i changed my diet slightly. To sum it up i was eating very clean protein and veggies and some fruits here and there, and oatmeal a hour before class like you.

I was still very very tired, yet i know my cardio is good, it was a mental and weak tired, not a "out of breath" tired.

So the last week i started eating almonds threw out the day hoping adding some "healthier" fats to my diet would help and quite honestly i still lost about 2 pounds this week, but i had a LOT more energy, and felt very good in class, and my sleeping has been improving.

Not sure if this will help with you, but it was something ive found helped, like others said though gatorade could help, i think it kinda hinges more on what the rest of your diet looks like.