best way for me to work standup


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Jul 26, 2011
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Hey guys. I work train bjj 3 times a week and go to school.

Due to schedule I can only attend one kickboxing class a month. I don't have money for additional gyms. I have a heavybag stand but need a bag. Thing is, I feel like doing unsupervised bag work would drill bad habits in. Some people say its easy to get the technique down and drilling on the heavybag would build my speed and power.

Any advice?
Any practice will be good imo. Just hit the bag and try to cover everything you learn at the 1 class a month.
also, see if you can stay a little extra after class or before class, hit the bag with basic shots, and ask the instructor for open feedback.

and shadowbox in front of a mirror.
Ok will do. Also whats the best way to work slipping/head movment/reaction speed and counters outside of sparring?