Best Protein supplement(powder) for the money?


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May 5, 2005
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I need some suggestions, I'm gonna start using this as part of my diet, high protein and fiber. Any suggestions on the best product on the market, please point me to that direction. Also I would prefer the not too expensive ones :D
Allthewhey = very pure and cheap... but do the world a favor and read the thread supersudo made. It's around here some where and lists all of the companies.
ON's 100 Whey. I like it a lot and it isn't THAT spendy.
I agree with ON's 100% whey, chocolate flavor. Price is 15-20$ for around a month's supply (usually lasts me a few months as I don't chug it every single day)
Ahhh, I see, well, upon my arrival on the store, I saw Nitro tech for 15$(trial size) and bought it. I bought a small size as I didn't wanna commit myself just incase it wasn't the right one for me, I've read some good stuff about it, so I decided to take it. TY for the advices though, if this doesn't get me as good results I want, then I'll try something else.
I used to use Optimum. Now I only use Biochem Biopure because my cholesterol is a little high, Biopure is the ONLY protein powder I could find w/ 0 mg cholesterol (Optimum has 30 mg) and it's super delicious and mixes well. It's a bit more than Optimum at like $30/4 lb., but I drink 4-5 scoops a day and the cholesterol adds up.

Optimum and Biopure are equally tasty in my opinion, so if cholesterol's not an issue, go with the ON.
Chad Hamilton said:
Dymatize Elite

oooohhhh, never tried dymatize. lots of yummy flavors. only 5mg cholesterol -- not too bad.
LoL, I see taste is definitely a factor for alot of you guys. Even though I don't really care for the flavor/taste as much as I am effectiveness, I just had 1 scoop on 8oz water and while it wasn't the best tasting stuff in the world, it kinda left me a bit thirsty, infact i had that chalky thirst feeling on my throat for a while. Still, if it helps better up my recovery and better gains, I'll see what happens.
Valgarv said:
Allthewhey = very pure and cheap... but do the world a favor and read the thread supersudo made. It's around here some where and lists all of the companies.
You asked for the cheapest quality protein. This is it.
I never asked for the cheapest, but the BEST STUFF FOR THE MONEY, meaning I'm looking for the best effective stuff. Like everyone, I prefer it not to be the most expensive stuff, but I'm willing to fork out a bit just as long as it isn't excessive.
Best stuff for the money and you don't care about taste? Fine. Here you go:

Fast absorbing: Unflavored hydrolyzed whey 520 from has the quickest absorbtion rate
Slow absorbing: Unflavored Micellar Casein

Go right ahead, pal. You're going to regret it.

Listen, you asked for the best product on the market that doesn't break the bank. We gave you the cheapest quality protein products with reasonable taste in Allthewhey and ON. Most of us have been doing this for years but you ignored the advice of every one in this thread.

Don't come around asking for advice if you're going to blow it off. That's plain disrespectful.
Uhh, who blew you off again? I'm just saying I'm not asking for the "absolute cheapest", rather the more effective stuff. I dunno how you manage to get offended by my posting, but seems more like its more on your part than mine. All I said was the best stuff for the money, obviously I don't want something horrid that makes you wanna puke, but at the same time, something that give results splendid but at the same time worth the money, that'd be great. I got the impression people were just pointing me out to the cheapest stuff, I'm just reminding that although cheap is good, its not like I'm hurting for pennies, if its worth the price i'll take it.

But yeah, maybe its cause I haven't thanked anyone who gave advice, so big thanks to those who gave good advices.
I think what upset me is that you were getting hung up when on the word "cheap" as part of what people were saying without recognizing "quality".

Madmick said:
You asked for the cheapest quality protein. This is it.

Note the word "quality" in the Mick's post. No one here said "this is the cheapest" because we didn't give you the cheapest. We gave you the best quality for the buck.

Quality powders have several factors: Purity, Taste, Production Method, Mixability, Digestibility, Additives, etc
I didn't see the "quality" in that post, I just saw cheapest so I read it wrong, still it doesn't warrant getting offended by it, and I'm not gonna bother playing into someone elses drama since I'm not here for that, so I'm gonna drop it before it swerves the topic, W/E. If you bothered to even read the very first post, it never contained the word "cheapest" in the first place.
For my dollar ON protein was about the best i've saw. I'm gonna go back to it after I finish my muscle milk its great tasting but too expensive.
Hahaha, that struck me funny chad :D

Anyway, so many suggestions, I might have to try them all over a course of time. I should be done w/ my Nitro tech in a week, I'll try Muscle milk first since this forum seems to adore it and reading all the stuff from, seems to be an outstanding product. I'll try that dymatize after that if MM don't work out, ON seems to be the standard, I saw it at Vitamin shoppe, a huge tub was comparable in price to the trial size nitrotech, so many choices :D

TY all for the suggestions.
Pretty simple. Find the grams of protien in each container you look at, compare it to the price and see which works out best for your budget. More grams of Pro the better :)

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