Best/ Healthiest cold premixed Green tea.


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Jun 18, 2005
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I drink Arizona, but somone pointed out to me they really sweeten their teas, and it does even say there's honey in it. I was wondering about alternitives. lipton, etc. ?
I don't know of any besides arizona. Look at the lable and see how much sugar is in it. That'll tell you quickly. For myself i would make regular green tea and let it cool down. Then there is no sugar in it. If you want it sweeter add splenda which has no calories. I use splenda in a lot of things from sugar free juice, to iced coffee to ice tea.

The main problem with sugar free alternatives is it keeps you with a sweet tooth. I could probably learn to enjoy iced coffee without being sweet (I drink the regular stuff without sugar) but I choose not to. Therefore I probably crave other sweets.
when i was at lunch earlier i found some stuff today called "Tazo" . its way better than the arizona/sobe stuff. i should just drink water dammit. stupid hardheadness
Arizona's pretty good, I usually prefer to brew my own though.
I don't know if you guys have a Japanese market near you but I picked up this small packet of green tea powder called KATEKIN (I think). This stuff is super concentrated, it'll make about 80 cups of tea. What I do is get a huge jug, fill it with water and about 5 spoonfulls of this stuff. It's enough green tea for about 3 or 4 days. I've made about 3 batches so far and only used about 3/4 of the bag. I also mix it in with my protein shakes in the morning and I hear you can use it for cooking as well.
go to youe local asian store they got some real deal green tea and trust me 9 times outta 10 there never sweetened
Arizona isn't bad man. They only have like 17 grams of sugar in a full tall can of it. Arizona has the greatest taste to me. Lipton's is like water also.
Prebottling green tea effectively negates a good portion of the healthful benefits associated with it. If you are looking for something that is convenient and useful, I would recommend using a product called Tea Tech (no, it isn't made by MuscleTech, although it sounds like it). Tea Tech is instant, individually packaged green tea with an enormous amount of polyphenol ECGC, which is the principal reason to consume green tea. It doesn't taste bad, either. When a tea is brewed, preserved, and bottled, a lot of the ECGC is lost.