Best Gi and No-Gi instructional


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Nov 29, 2003
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Yes I know these threads are done all the time but I did a search and wasn't happy with the small amount of answers given. I want to get a good Gi, and a good No-Gi instructional. Let me know, what would you recommend? I have heard the Saulo Ribiero No-Gi is a good one. I know Jacare is coming out with a Gi instructional which should be pretty badass. What others would yall suggest?
What part of Dallas are you in? Where do you train?
Saulo Ribeiro is the man in Gi and No Gi instructional, Stephan Kesting products is also very good too
i've also heard the ribeiro instructionals were great. plan on getting them myself
Shaolin's videos are awesome, gi and no-gi. Other gi ones i recommend are Fabio Gurgel's and the Machado ones. No gi ones, perhaps de la riva and marcelo garcia. Cesar gracie's are good also.
b0b said:
What part of Dallas are you in? Where do you train?

Actually Fort Worth. I train with Travis Lutter when I am back home, but I am going to school in Norman right now so I train with Scott Hewitt, a brown belt under Renato Tavares. Whenever I go home I go back to Lutter's though.
Ive got nearly all of them and for GI tapes I like Pedro Sauer. They dont just show techniques in isolation but in flows of one move into another.