Best fighters who usually lose decisions


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Mar 5, 2012
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Something I thought about recently when thinking about Shogun since coming to UFC. (Hendo, Machida, Gutsy) Who are some of the best fighters that are not good at winning decisions? You can define that however you want. It can be at a point in their career or overall. Your choice. Just a general question, nothing to serious.

'nother one, Carlos Condit, who despite being a finisher, lost decisions to GSP, Kampmann, and arguably Diaz, not to mention was losing to Rory prior to the KO, only other decision win was a split against Ellenberger.
Guy Mezger got screwed on a lot of close fights in Pride...Sak/Shoji/Arona...
Big Nog doesn't lose...he just runs out of time.

(recent years notwithstanding)

There is no other answer.
Big Nog doesn't lose...he just runs out of time.

(recent years notwithstanding)

Trickily phrased title, I didn't mean lose by decisions, I mean fighters who, as good as they are, seem hexed when it goes to the cards.
Fair enough, but of all the fighters who have lost more decisions than they've won ("usually loses decisions"), Big Nog is probably among the "best fighters."
Joe Lauzon has never won a decision. In fact, he has gone to distance just once. 22 wins, 22 finishes baby.
Shogun's a homerun hitter, and it doesn't do him many favors with the judges. It's weird, though, because two of his decision losses in the UFC have been pretty controversial.
Gotta be Shogun, dude has yet to win a decision in the UFC despite 2 incredibly close fights
Wiman. He wins most of the time, but every decision he's lost in the last 3-4 years has been b.s.