Best Brand of Whey protien

Curtis Gibbs

Amateur Fighter
Nov 12, 2007
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for about the past year I've been buying the shittiest stuff called whey gourmet. I need a new kind of whey protein no matter the cost. Opinions?
I think True Protein has great stuff for a reasonable price. If you're looking for taste and not so much just whey then go with Muscle Milk. I've had GNC and EAS when it comes to just whey and I like EAS. However, I did purchase with price as a factor.
ON Whey Gold Standard seems pretty popular around here post workout. Some people have Muscle Milk before bed, but you could get by with some cottage cheese or yogurt etc.
Can you only by gold standard online? I have alot of money to spend so price isnt a factor, I just want the good whey, taste doesnt matter that much, but it would be nice to get some taste in it :D
Yeah I was about to say it's on GNC's website, so you should be able to get it at their stores.
ON 100 Whey Gold Standard is pretty much everywhere.
I know that trueprotein is high quality and reasonable priced, I don't know about qulity+protein to dollar ratio through.

Trueprotein, has delicious unflavored whey, which is optimal for health because it doesn't have any sweeteners.