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Best BJJ kimono


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Dec 1, 2004
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I was hoping someone could give me their advice on buying a kimono. My instructor suggests getting a howard but I like the Atama ones. Has anyone got experience comparing the brands?

Also has anyone got a good website for buying online that deliver overseas?

All help much appreciated.
Go to the Gear and equiptment section there is lots of info there. In the past I have ordered from Ron at SSF and he has always been helpful with my questions.
Thanks for the links and replies guys. I was hoping to get some information on peoples experience with different gi's . I don't want to purchase one that falls apart in a short period.

O am particularly interested in the atama range if anyone has ever purchased one.
Koral, nice snug fit if you get the right size.. but hey the truth is a kimono is a kimono, it depends on the person who wears it.. Atamas pretty good, have had the gold and double weave.. the doubles excellent for throws, it lasts really long.. the golds great but be careful of the shrinking.. Have had an ouano, lapels thick, hard to get choked but at the same time its a bit hard to move.. similar to howards.. Keiko is similar to Koral except the underarm area can be tight.. Oh, Ive heard and read alot of good comments on Machados, haven't had the luxury of using one though because they stopped making, they had recently just started making again..
BoneSnapper said:
Thanks ZeMino nice reply.

No problem.. you know what man, if your just starting, have a tight budget and aren't too sure about your size and feel.. I think atamas a good choice.. its got good quality and fair price. Howards also has a really cheap gi for those who really have a tight budget.. $50..
best all around kimonos are Mkimonos(lutador Americano) or Gameness hands down...

Atama's are nice and cheap, but the pants fall apart after awhile.

Koral's are expensive and i dont see why.
After reading thread after thread about gis it seems to me it very much comes down to personal preference. Every gi is "hands down" the best, depending on who you ask..
i'll have to second gsoares2 - i love my gameness platinum weave. its an excellent competition gi b/c its really form-fitting, much more than any gi i've ever worn. the weave is different than any other gi on the market and its really soft and comfortable despite being pretty heavy and durable ( i hate a lot of double weaves because they are like a cheese grater on your skin).

i like my dragao too, its got the best cut of all my gi's but i just don't like the thin collar. thats the only problem i have with it.

i have an atama double weave that i don't like because, again, i find the weave uncomfortable. that doesnt mean its not a good gi, its just not for me.

my lutador americano gold weave is waiting under the christmas tree...can't wait!

if you're a noob you might want to cheap it out and get a no name judo gi tho...most people don't stick with it so there's no use dropping 125-150 on a gi. but you'd know more about your commitment than me. you generally get what you pay for.
Does anyone else think it's odd that "No GI" makes gi's?
Korals are the best out there. Anyone that says otherwise is just biased.

Keep in mind, I don't own a Koral...have had the same Atama Gold forever. But still, Koral.

My atama is class, I like it. Still stiff and thick. Good fit. I wear the pants for pajamas and shit, when it's cold. have worn them out to bars before. held up just fine. I would suggest the Atama to anyone wanting a good , lower top quality gi. If you're on a tight budget, then check the torahs on www.casca-grossa.com (shameless sponsor plug). I would suggest the Atama gold for anyone wanting to compete. However, keep in mind, that we do gi at my academy once or twice a month. I look for outside play time sometimes, but not usually.
Korals are awesome. They hold up to wear and tear well and they're really well made.

My Ouano started falling apart on me after about a year of use.

Atama's are pretty good too. I just don't like that seam that they have running down the middle of the back. It's annoying when you're playing guard.

Personally, I like Machado Kimonos best. They're light and comfortable. It's hard to describe but I love the feel of it.
Sherdog_Mutt said:
Personally, I like Machado Kimonos best. They're light and comfortable. It's hard to describe but I love the feel of it.
New or old?