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Feb 26, 2012
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Almost a year after I stumbled upon this new and fresh combat clothing company: and did a review on their Muninn shorts, the owner, and all-around good guy Kari came out with their newest item, a rashguard which is to my understanding designed by means of croudsourcing!


After singel-handedly preventing the Mayan apocalypse from coming to date with his awesome Physicist superpowers, Kari made sure his first version of a prefect rashie would not rise during the heat of combat, by placing a rubberized strip in the hem of the rashie! This is something ive been predicting and actually waiting for from several brands, and here it is!

Not only does the design appeal to me, the gritty and grungy look is enchanced by using two different kinds of fabrics, and the silvery-grey one which has the sublimated print is much more textured than the very smooth blue panels on the shoulders!

The cut is "loose" around the chest, and there is no seam in the armpit to prevent chafing.

-Somehow my rashies and t-shirts always rise, showing my "abs" The rubberized strip prevents that notably, and works just as planned.


Love the design
Great material choices (even though the materials are not special in any extreme way, the texture makes the design pop!)
Great idea to crowd-source designing, and I hope that will be more usual in the future.


The rashie could have been a wee tad longer on the hem.

For more pics'n'stuff, and to support my quest of reviewing smaller brands and cool gear, please visit: Grapplegorilla / Odin Fightwear Rashie
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Rashguards are always good but they need to be full sleeves imo.

I also wear them cause i drive a motorcycle and my arms from my pointy elbows downward get tanned and look weird.
I like both short and long sleeves. Usually I wear full sleeves under the gi, and short in nogi. Motorcycles I ALWAYS ride shirtless. In chaps.
I appreciate that people use rashguards for more than just grappling, and even for grappling there longsleeve vs shortsleeve seems to be something that splits the popular oppinion. I tend to make gear that i myself would prefer, and hope that i'm not an outlier :)

Personally i prefer shortsleeve rashguards since a large portion of my (nogi) game is based around getting guillotines and darce chokes, and they require minimal friction and fast setups, and personally i feel like longsleeve rashguards get in my way in that regard.

So that's my reasoning at least :) But i totally get that many prefer longsleeves (hell Marcello is the king of guillotines and uses longsleeves so there's that).
Anyway, will you make long sleeve versions of these rashguards in the future?
Well I for sure want to do that at some point in the future, but it's not something i've prioritized or planned, so it's nothing that's coming anytime soon.
Very nice design, a bit on the expensive side for a short sleeve but the fabric and design shows it's high quality. Interesting "loose" fit on the chest very nice