Benedikt Magnusson deadlifted a new world

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Feb 23, 2005
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Benedikt Magnusson: 440 kg Deadlift

''Magnus ver reported, "Benedikt Magnusson deadlifted a new world reckord 440kg/970lbs the biggest deadlift in history at the Helsinki WPO event. He took token openers on the squat and bench and opened the deadlift with a new reckord 426 kg, then Andi Bolton broke Benidikts new set reckord by pulling 427,5 kg but had no answer to Benidikts 440, Benidikt even pulled 455kg/1003lbs! Up to the knees. So Benedikt Magnusson is the worlds strongest deadlifter. ''
That was awesome. If he doesn't supplement himself to a early grave, he'll be a force for years to come.
That is awesome. How old is he now?
Carazy. Thanks for the vid, by the way.
That vid is one of the greatest lifting related things I've ever seen.

Also, I thought he was at least a year older than me. Same age. Fuck. Um, not that I intend to DL 900lbs come next year haha.
awwwwwwww...i cant get the link to work

my windows player is just showing black screen with some weird twirly shit

i can hear it, but cant see it

anyone else having this problem?
Right click the link, click save target as. Might work. Also, try using DivX player if that doesnt work.

Holy shit, he got that up fairly easy at first.

His dance was Ray Lewis worthy also.
The thought of someone who could pull almost a thousand pounds just blows my mind, that guy is simply terrifying and to have done it at such an early age...Damn.
What kills me is that he is doing all this without straps or wraps, I LOVE IT!
Lusst said:
What kills me is that he is doing all this without straps, wraps, or a powersuit. I LOVE IT!
and thats exactly how he should do it.
SUNOFAFUCKINGBITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wholy hell that guys guna break 1000lb by new years.