Benchpress- SORE WRISTS...


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Jan 25, 2005
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when im using the bench press, i don't know if my grip is wrong and my hands are being bent back to far, or if ive just got weak wrists but after a while they hurt like hell, Im sure my grip is the same as everyone elses, palms facing up, it feels really un-natural if i try palms facing forward....
A fair assessment of the problem cannot be accurately determined without the knowledge of certain variables such as:

* How good your technique is?

* How long you've been lifting?

* How often you perform the bench press?

* How wide / narrow is your grip?

* Do you perform grip work?

When performing the bench press, grab the bar in such a way that the ends up resting virtually on top of your wrists, adjacent to where the thumb inserts the hand.
Not to be a dick but if your wrists hurt from benching:

1 - Stop whacking off so much.
2 - Bench more.
TheNerdKing said:
Not to be a dick but if your wrists hurt from benching:

1 - Stop whacking off so much.
2 - Bench more.

What's wrong with whacking off?
In my opinion.. try not to grip the bar with so much force through the lowering and the push motions, you'll just strain your wrist as you transmit most of the load of the bar on to it.

As you lower the bar, relax your grip and then explode into the push with a tighter grip.

"after a while they hurt like hell"
You may be doing to many sets. No more than five is what I stay on... two warm ups and 3 proper. Also try and condition your wrist with some bare knuckle sand bag puching, and also lots of knuckle pushups.
Make sure you have your hands completely around the bar and you are crushing it when you are lifting it. Your wrists should not be pulled back (hyperextened) to much. Weight should be more in the palm. Don't forget to do more wrist work too.
You could try dumbbell bench. Helps stabilizer muscles anyway.
should you wrap or thumb around the bar or not? I've heard that both are correct. Which is better? For now, I use the method where my thumb isn't wrapped, but rather next to my index finger.
Dude, you need to totally wrap your hand around the bar and squeese it when you lift. It will activate alot more muscles/tendons in the hand as well as your whole arm and upper body. You will be stronger and your lift will be better. No thumbs is asking for trouble, if the bar slips, not to mentions the hyperextension of your wrists, mess up your wrist. Anything you grab, wrap your thumb around it..