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Media Bellator 268 Countdown: Nemkov vs Anglickas / Bader vs Anderson

Discussion in 'Worldwide MMA Discussion' started by svmr_db, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. TheBiggestLittleTinyMan Yellow Belt

    Nov 15, 2020
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    Corey's still interesting but his style seems almost perfectly intermediate between Bader's and Phil's, whom Nemkov dealt with very effectively.

    -He's a lighter puncher and ground and pounder than Bader but heavier than Phil
    -He's more mobile and defensive on the feet than Bader but less defensive than Phil
    -He's a more active passer and scrambler than Bader but less active and frenetic in scrambles than Phil
    - Aesthetically he's blacker and shinier while fighting than Bader, but less black and shiny than Phil (who sweats more and faster after 2 minutes of fighting than any other fighter I've seen)

    The list is endless.

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