Belfort: "I have the legs of a gazelle, the body of a lion and eyes of fire!"


Jan 19, 2011
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I don't care about what he (Bisping) says. My job is to train and fight. My talk with him will be at the 19th. I have the legs of a gazelle, the body of a lion and eyes of fire.

I don't think gazelle legs would support a lion body very well. He'd be like Kimbo.
Win or lose, Belfort always comes to fight! Hope he knock's Bisping out!
Doesn't make any sense. Hopefully Bisping has the back of a head like a Pachycephalosaur.
I don't even know how Vitor comes up with something like that, but I dig it.
lol, I know right? Bisping was mocking the size of his legs, that has to be the worst comeback ever.

Ya honestly I'd like Vitor a lot more if they didn't give him microphones ever and just threw him in the cage. Don't say stupid things back trash talking isn't your thing. Just go in there and knock Bisping's head off
A warrior and a poet, or something.
Mixing gazelle and lion? Might end up eating yourself man.

Anyway....He forgot to mention he had the cardio of which animal? That of a sloth? lol just kidding.

Vitor vs Bisping is 50/50.

Cant wait, hopefully they'll both be in great shape
Yeessss Vitor!! Got to love the guy, haha. Hope he does well.
I do like Vitor, I think some things get lost in translation, however...

Maaaybe, the Brazilian translation sounds awesome...ok, probably not
LOL Vitor sounding like he's cutting a WWE promo