Belcher vs Franklin


Aug 28, 2012
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This fight has not been announced but after thinking that, despite their recent losses, both men are ambitious and exciting mixed martial artists. Franklin is the more decorated fighter and possibly UFC Hall of Fame material in some people's eyes. Belcher has three black belts and brown belts in judo and grappling. I think Franklin might win this fight but would like to hear other opinions.
My two favorite MW's. I like it. I'd see Belcher taking the UD at this point in Rich's career.
I am with Rich Franklin, i think he could win that via decision.... I wanna see Rich winning that via knockout, but i don't believe that will happen...
Great matchup, TS. I think Belcher would take this but not without earning the win.
I think Rich would take it, but it would be an exciting fight. I just hope Rich works on not dropping his hands after he throws those sloppy leg kicks. And just as long as Belcher remains in an orthodox stance, I think Rich grinds out the win. :)
Rich is my all time favorite MW but I think at this point in his career Belcher has the edge. I'd take Belcher over Rich in this one
As much as I like Ace as a fighter, I'm afraid that what Cung Le did to him is virtually the same as what Rashad did to Chuck Liddell. I doubt he'll ever be the same...
Not a bad fight, however, i prefer Belcher vs. the loser of Bisping/Belfort. Belfort was his original matchup before he got hurt, and Bisping because of their back and forth call outs the last year. A fight with Boetsch makes sense as well for either Franklin or Belcher.
Not a bad fight!

Has Rich mentionned his intentions following this brutal KO loss?

I thought Belcher could fight Boestch too. They both were defeated at the same time and were equally ranked.

Also I can see Belcher calling out Bisping if he loses to Vitor.

Cant wait to see Alan redeem himself, this fight vs Okami, while predictable, was hard to watch still.
I like Rich Franklin a lot but i don't enjoy watching him fighting anymore.
His KO loss against Cung Le looked so terrible that i don't know if i want to see him get hurt like that anymore.
On the other hand... his knockout of Nate Quarry on UFC 56 was also brutal... so if you dish it out, you have to be able to take it!
I think Alan Belcher would win, Franklin is not the fighter he used to be.
But i'm still a fan and would root for Franklin.